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 13th April 2010 Pharmidex

Medical Research Council Technology (MRCT) and Pharmidex announce Drug Discovery Collaboration

Medical Research Council Technology (MRCT) (London, UK) and Pharmidex (London, UK) announced today 13th April that Pharmidex will provide all in vivo ADME/PK drug discovery support to the MRCT in 2010.

Dr Andy Merritt, Associate Director of Chemistry at MRCT’s Centre for Therapeutics Discovery said, “As we rapidly progress a number of small molecule projects towards proof of concept studies we need to measure pharmaceutical company quality ADME information. By choosing Pharmidex as our supplier of pharmacokinetic and ADME studies we will not only access high quality laboratory services but also gain access to experience and knowledge in a scientific partnership that will enable us to develop efficient, timely, high quality studies to answer key aspects of our programme progressions.”

Dr Gary Manchee, global Head of Business Development at Pharmidex concludes that the advantages that Pharmidex offer as the partner of choice lay in the broad range of services available, the high quality of the data, bespoke study design options, and the expert DMPK advice that comes with the ‘Pharmidex package’. This powerful combination together with the “part of your lab” mentality at Pharmidex and the “quick and direct access” to our scientists working on client projects at all times, ensures responsive, fast and effective lead optimisation for our client.

About Pharmidex

Pharmidex provides the highest quality ADME/PK, drug safety & bioanalytical services for lead optimisation and drug development activities. Pharmidex also has its world leading CNS solutions platform including NeuroPK® and NeuroPD® for direct assessment of drug levels and biochemical responses in any brain region. Taken together our scientific platforms allow our clients to quickly and cost-effectively identify and progress their new medicines.

Our scientific staff is highly qualified with a wide range of expertise and experience in academia and the pharmaceutical industry and can provide bespoke study designs to address specific client needs. The Management Team at Pharmidex have more than 30 years experience of drug discovery and development of new drugs covering most therapeutic areas and can lead projects or aid decision making for clients as required.

Pharmidex has a very successful track record in obtaining financial support for our scientific development via grant applications in the US, UK and EU and by partnering on a ‘shared risk-shared reward’ basis with other companies. This proven approach has led to the co-development of the CNS delivery system, Cerense® with Genzyme Pharmaceuticals and the drug discovery services alliance with Domainex, among others.

Contact Information:

Nick Traynor

72 New Bond Street, Mayfair, W1S 1RR, London, UK

About Medical Research Council Technology (MRCT)

MRCT is the exclusive commercialisation agent for the UK Medical Research Council, working to translate cutting edge scientific discoveries into commercial products. MRCT bridges the gap between innovative basic science and making medicine. MRCT works to provide drug‐like candidate molecules to innovative new drug targets, and to translate innovative antibody‐based drug targets into potent and selective therapeutic antibody candidates giving pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies new starting points for drug discovery and development, based on MRC advances in science. MRCT’s Therapeutic Antibody Group scientists have a proven track record of success in antibody humanization which extends over 20 years and has produced 10 clinical candidates and two regulatory approved humanized antibodies: Elan/Biogen Idec’s Tysabri® and Chugai/Roche’s Actemra®.

Contact Information:

Jan Coates MRC Technology,

1‐3 Burtonhole Lane, Mill Hill, NW7 1AD, UK


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