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 3rd June 2010 Metenova

New Technology Company Metenova Offering Cutting-Edge Biotech and Pharmaceutical Mixing Products (Gothenburg, Sweden and New Jersey, USA, May 25, 2010)

Metenova (Metenova, AB and Metenova America, Inc.) announces the formation of a new technology company based in Sweden and the United States that provides cutting-edge solutions for processing high purity liquid products for the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries.

Metenova is introducing a newly developed line of mixers – Zero-G Magnetic Mixer Technology-- that will mix volumes from 10 liters up to 20,000 liters while remaining completely scalable throughout the entire product range. The mixer features the ability to repair and replace both the male and female bearing surfaces in the field eliminating the weeks that it takes for the older style mixers to be serviced.

Passing all testing, the mixer has proven that it is capable of running dry with nothing to lubricate the bearing and can continue to run dry for many hours without the slightest damage to the components. “This feature was one of the most difficult to overcome from the models designed in the past”, said Lennart Myhrberg, Chief Engineer. “While you would never have a purpose to run a mixer dry, it happens from time to time resulting in a catastrophic failure that caused severe damage to the mixer and tank surface. The Metenova Mixer is now failsafe towards this type of failure.”

The mixers are also designed to be retro-fitable onto existing Steri-Mixer (Roplan) and GMP Mixer (NovAseptic®/Millipore®) equipment without having to cut or weld any parts in place.

With over 35 years of combined experience, Sten Johansson and Hakan Samuelsson, founders of Metenova, have revolutionized modern day large-scale pharmaceutical manufacturing and continue to influence innovations in the industry.

“Our goal is to take from what we have learned, improve upon it, and develop all new ideas” says Hakan Samuelsson, president of Metenova. “We knew from our experience that the GMP Mixer was the best design that had ever been offered in our industry, but there were several shortcomings to the design that we were unable to overcome until today. With modern design tools and an entirely new field of technology that we helped to develop, we have created an entirely new mixing device that offers features and benefits that no other mixer can provide. There are plans for many other devices and designs that the team is working on but we will make sure that each product we bring to market is fully mature in its design before we announce it to the public.”

Johansson and Samuelsson were originally introduced while working for Steridose, an engineering and OEM company that designed and built filling and processing equipment for Pharmaceutical production in the very early 80’s. While at Steridose, both men were part of the design team that created the first magnetically coupled bottom mounted mixer for pharmaceutical vessels.

Later, the partners were once again teamed up as 2 of the 3 original founders of NovAseptic, AB, a company that provided process equipment to the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry. They brought technological upgrades and improvements to many of the existing products and created new inventions resulting in a resounding leap forward in design and performance. The NovAseptic GMP series of mixers became the global industry standard for pharmaceutical mixing in stainless steel vessel, providing for a clean low particle generating and efficient mixing device that provided more energy to the process than any mixer before it.

The new advance in technology provided the industry with a quantifiable return on investment by lowering the amount of time needed to perform the various mixing steps in a large scale manufacturing process. Johansson and Samuelsson are also credited for inventing the NovaSeptum®, an aseptic sampling system, which is the industry standard for process control and sampling. The company was sold to Millipore 13 years after its inception. Today many of the original products continue to be bestsellers in the industry.

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