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 29th June 2010 Caprotec

Caprotec bioanalytics announces the successful completion of a collaborative research project with Roche

Berlin,Germany, June 28, 2010 -

Caprotec bioanalytics GmbH announced today that it has successfully completed a research collaboration with F. Hoffmann‐La Roche, Basel, Switzerland.

Under the collaboration research agreement, caprotec used its proprietary CCMS (Capture Compound Mass Spectrometry) technology to analyze the binding characteristics and interaction of one undisclosed drug candidate with its human target proteins.

For identification of selectively interacting proteins of a drug molecule it is coupled to caprotec’s Capture Compound™ scaffold, incubated with human cell lysates, subcellular fractions or whole cells and interacting proteins are then isolated and identified via LC‐MS/MS.

Among the protein targets that demonstrated specific binding of Roche’s drug molecule were some which show activity in pathways commensurate with the phenotypic profile of the candidate drug molecule. “We are very excited about the results of this drug‐protein profiling study.

They confirm again the capability of our CCMS technology to directly isolate a functional subset of proteins from a complex biological sample for the identification of previously unknown interactions with small molecules. This fills a crucial technological gap in the arsenal of methods available for optimizing drug structures and to select the most promising candidate drugs before entering the clinical trial process as well as drug safety assessment”, said Dr. Hubert Köster, CEO of caprotec.

“This project demonstrated that the CCMS technology is robust and yields high quality results that are complementary to our internal research efforts. We are very pleased with the outcome of this collaboration”, stated Dr. Stephan Röver, Scientific Expert for Discovery Chemistry at Roche.

About caprotec bioanalytics GmbH caprotec bioanalytics GmbH is a Berlin‐based biotech company focusing on the commercialization of its proprietary Capture Compound Mass Spectrometry (CCMS) technology. The core of the CCMS technology consists of small, tri‐functional molecules called capture compounds (CCs).

They enable a targeted isolation of proteins directly from complex biological samples in solution. After isolation, the captured proteins including membrane proteins are identified by mass spectrometry.

Providing a state‐of‐the‐art platform for the isolation and analysis of proteins from complex mixtures, the CCMS technology has enormous potential in proteomics, drug development and the development of protein biomarkers. The technology is protected by a broad patent portfolio. The company is supported by an international scientific advisory board including one Nobel Laureate.

For further information please contact: caprotec bioanalytics GmbH

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Tel.: +49 (0)30‐6392‐3990


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