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 6th August 2010
ATG Biosynthetics

ACEMBL : Leading Expression Technology for Multi-Protein Complex Production for Protein Expression in E.coli (MultiColi) or in Insect Cells (MultiBacTurbo)

Do you have problems with solubility and protein yield when expressing individual proteins or protein complexes? Tired of co-transformation and co-transfection? Do you plan to build biosynthetic pathways from scratch or modiify existing ones? Speed up, improve and automate multi-protein expression in E.coli and insect cells with the ACEMBL system kits.

General features of the systems: each system consist of two acceptor and three donor vectors for manipulation of DNA in vitro and in E. coli vectors possess features that allow you to flexibly insert and recombine your gene(s) of interest into (multi-)gene expression cassettes before assembling your final construct used to transform E. coli. vectors enable an automated multi-gene construct assembly process; this helps speed up research, e.g. when analyzing the effects of gene variants on crystallization or on the kinetic properties of enzymes comes with bacterial strains for the propagation of the donor vectors and donor-donor fusions. Acceptors and acceptor-donor fusions can be amplified and propagated in standard laboratory strains that support a BR322 or ColE1 ori

MultiBacTurbo-specific features:

a bacmid, hosted in E.coli, for transfer of your final construct(s) into baculoviruses and subsequent trans-fection of your insect cells of choice Replacement of non-essential genes v-cath and chiA in MultiBacTurbo bacmid improves protein production and reduces protein degradation.

Advantages of ACEMBL:

express single or multiple proteins simultaneously from one construct assemble multi-gene cassettes easily and rapidly generate and test gene variants or mutants rapidly and in parallel to speed up and quickly fine-tune/adapt your gene expression project fuse single or multigene acceptor and donor plasmids via Cre recombination improve complex stability and solubility through co-expression of partnering proteins automate your entire multigene expression vector production process for high through-put and scale-up speed up and quickly fine-tune/adapt your gene expression project Easy blue/white screening for recombinant bacmids (MultiBacTurbo only) no plaque purification necessary, zero background (MultiBacTurbo only)

Applications MultiColi: heterologous expression of soluble multi-protein complexes for structural and functional elucidation, design of enzymes with novel properties or of engineered biocatalytic pathways, e.g. for bio-remediation, for synthesis of novel compounds, etc.

Applications of MultiBacTurbo: heterologous expression of soluble eukaryotic multi-protein complexes for structural or functional elucidation, protein production in insect cells, design of virus-like particles for vaccine development, baculoviral transfection of mammalian cells, antibody production in insect cells

For more details on the MultiColi and MultiBacTurbo system, please inquire at or check out our web site at

You can download our product brochures from there.

Order your system by e-mailing us at, by sending a fax to ++49 (0)761 8889424 or in writing to

ATG:biosynthetics GmbH, Weberstr. 40, 79249 Merzhausen, Germany.


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