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 1st November 2010 Hielscher Ultrasonics

The UIP2000hd Hielscher brand-new industrial processor

The ultrasonic processor UIP2000hd (20kHz, 2000W) combines high processing power with flexibility. Is is suitable for process development, optimization and for production processes. This includes emulsifying, dispersing & sonochemistry, lysis & extraction or homogenizing. Its wide range adaptability and easy operation meet the requirements of research and development. The UIP2000hd is built for heavy-duty operation in 24hrs/7days production processes under demanding conditions.

The UIP2000hd is suitable for the sonication of many materials and a variety of processes, such as, nanomaterials, paint & ink, coatings, food & beverage, cosmetics, or chemical processes. The UIP2000hd is commonly used for inline sonication (single pass or loop) in order to obtain a better processing quality. Of course, it can be used for batch sonication, too. The UIP2000hd allows for running at a wide range of ultrasonic parameters sets. You can vary ultrasonic amplitude, liquid pressure and liquid composition, such as: sonotrode amplitudes of up to 170 micron liquid pressures of up to 10 bars liquid flow rates of up to 15L/min (depending on the process) liquid temperatures of up to 80 degC (other temperatures on request) material viscosity of up to 100.000cp

This flexibility allows for finding the optimal process configuration. The UIP2000hd offers you exact reproducibility and linear scaleability. Any sonication setup can be reproduced and can be used at continuous operation or can be scale up to any larger unit. We offer a wide range of accessories, like sonotrodes, boosters and flow cell reactors and sound protection boxes. The PC-Control (optional software interface) allows for the recording of the individual test runs.

To get more information about ultrasound and its manifold applications, please visit us at booth 214!

Hielscher USA, Inc. 19 Forest Rd Ringwood, NJ 07456, USA Phone: +1 973 616 9136 Fax: +1 973 616 9131


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