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CPhI Discover: Pharma Grows Through Partnering CPhI Discover Event Preview (April 2021).

How to Communicate Effectively While Holding Virtual Meetings Tony Hughes at Huthwaite International (April 2021).

Why a Data-Driven Approach is Key Post-Pandemic Rod Schregardus at The Access Group (November 2020).

The COVID-19 Catalyst: Opportunities for Innovation Chris Barker at Spirit Health Group (November 2020).

Data Imputation Through Deep Learning Matt Segall at Optibrium with authors from Optibrium, Intellegens, and Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK Scientific (November 2020).

Data Capture in a Post-Digital Clinical Trial Landscape Tom O’Leary at ICON (November 2020).

The Importance of Digital Solutions Gilles Paubert at Cegedim Health Data (November 2020).

AI and Its Involvement in the Future of Neoantigen Discovery Aleksandar Mihajlovic at APIS Assay Technologies (November 2020).

Editor’s Letter Dr Deborah O’Neil, Chief Executive and Scientific Officer, NovaBiotics Ltd (April 2018).

Editor’s Letter Dr Deborah O’Neil, Chief Executive and Scientific Officer, NovaBiotics Ltd (December 2017).

Building Trust Heather Fraser at the IBM Institute for Business Value (October 2017).

Editor’s Letter Dr Deborah O’Neil, Chief Executive and Scientific Officer, NovaBiotics Ltd (October 2017).

Future Pharma Emil W Ciurczak at Doramaxx Consulting (October 2017).

Cyber China Nick Beckett and Amanda Ge at CMS (July 2017).

Fruitful Financing Chris Wilkinson at Siemens Financial Services (July 2017).

Technical Transport Scott Allison at DHL Life Sciences and Healthcare (July 2017).

Moving Upwards Michaeline Daboul at MMIS (July 2017).

Does that Hurt? Galit Zuckerman-Stark at Medasense Biometrics Ltd (July 2017).

Form and Substance Marc Chaillou at Schlafender Hase (July 2017).

Editor’s Letter Dr Deborah O’Neil, Chief Executive and Scientific Officer, NovaBiotics Ltd (July 2017).

A Happy Medium Janet Cunningham, Barr Enterprises (April 2017).

Pep Talk Janet Cunningham, Barr Enterprises (April 2017).

Within Reach Roosje Watson, the Centre for Process Innovation (December 2016).

Match the Pace Elvis Pacelat, AMPLEXOR Life Sciences (December 2016).

The Place to Be CPhI Worldwide (October 2016).

Stay Safe Martyn Williams, COPA-DATA UK (October 2016).

Personal Touch Emma Årsköld Lind, Probi (October 2016).

Professional Network Daniel Ghinn, CREATION (October 2016).

Always On Andy Bailey, Stratus Technologies (July 2016).

To Cloud Compute, or Not to Cloud Compute? Regina Au, BioMarketing Insight (July 2016).

Connect the Dots Mark Stevens, Formpipe Life Science (April 2016).

Less Waste, More Speed Abid Kanji, NonStop Recruitment (April 2016).

Safe Sharing Mark Edge, Brainloop (December 2015).

Driving Digital Rik van Mol, Veeva Systems (December 2015).

Mind the Gap Tiberio Catania, EPG Health Media (December 2015).

Informed Decisions Nils Bohlin, Maki Kurosawa, Dirk Luyten, John Brennan and Rebecka Axelsson Wadman, Arthur D. Little (December 2015).

Back to Basics Elisa del Galdo, Blue Latitude (June 2015).

Customer Contact Mark Millar, praemedica digital (June 2015).

Culture Shock Dr Bart Sayle, The Breakthrough Group (June 2015).

Coming Home John Pritchard, Cambridge Consultants (March 2015).

It’s Easy Being Green IQ Green Chemistry Working Group (March 2015).

Voice in the Crowd Daniel Ghinn, Creation Healthcare (December 2014).

New Heights Ashish Goel, Infosys (September 2014).

Fair Play? Paul Harris, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman (September 2014).

Value for Life Thilo Kaltenbach, Arthur D. Little (September 2014).

Tell All Chad Jones at LogMeIn (September 2014).

Face the Facts Russell Goldsmith, Audere Communications (September 2014).

App in the Cloud Matthew Ford, Bit Zesty (September 2014).

All for One, One for All Olivia Perrott, Stevens & Bolton LLP (June 2014).

Get Connected Trevor Hawkins, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics (June 2014).

From Tablet to Result Jon Howells, PA Consulting Group (March 2014).

Access All Areas Dr J Michael Ramsey, Chair of HPLC 2014, New Orleans (March 2014).

Profit or Loss James Robinson, Model N (March 2014).

Price Plan Chris Stirling and Lizzie Tuckey, KPMG (December 2013).

Growth Share Hellmuth Broda, Infosys (December 2013).

Q&A: Fundamental Diseases Anthony Hall, Findacure Development, (September 2013).

Keep in Mind Simon Coles, Amphora Research Systems (September 2013).

Q&A: Serialisation Legislation Bruno Cambounet, Axway Emea (June 2013).

Take Another Look Jeff Fraleigh & Eileen Cairo, Casewise (June 2013).

Organisational Automation: The Ultimate Integration Chris Molloy, IDBS (March 2013).

Serialisation Data: Help or Hindrance? Ramesh Chougule, Infosys (March 2013).

Patenting Combination Products Garreth Duncan, D Young & Co LLP (December 2012).

Translational Medicine: Becoming a Reality By Hakim Yadi, PA Consulting Group (December 2012).

Keeping Pharma’s House in Order Barry Vitou and Kim Green, Pinsent Masons (December 2012).

Field Force Logistics: Time for a Shake-Up Stuart Miller, ByBox (June 2012).

ELNs and Patent Reform Simon Coles, Amphora Research Systems Ltd (June 2012).

Tough Times Ahead: Strategies and Solutions Ashish Goel, Associate Vice President of Life Sciences, Infosys (June 2012).

Ahead in the Cloud Nick Trigg, Constellation Technologies (March 2012).

Maximising the Return from IP Assets Richie Paul (November 2011).

Strategies for Creating a Robust IP Portfolio Sarah Boxall (November 2011).

A Changing Pharma Infrastructure for a New Age Alistair Sinclair at Datamonitor (June 2011).

Core Drivers in the Evolution to Pharma 3.0 Patrick Flochel at Ernst & Young LLP (June 2011).

A Changing Pharma Infrastructure for a New Age Alistair Sinclair at Datamonitor (June 2011).

A change is Gonna Come IPT editor Pam Barnacal (March 2011).

Internal Branding: Singing from the Same Corporate Hymn Sheet Cameron Tew at Best Practices, LLC (March 2011).

The Future of Pharmaceutical Innovation: New Challenges and Opportunities James Mittra, Joyce Tait and David Wield at the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Innogen Centre (March 2011).

Strategies to Secure the Pharma Supply Chain Dean Hart, NanoGuardian (December 2010).

Helping Emerging Companies Make it Big David Edington and James Wright, PA Consulting Group and Angus Forster, formerly with PA Consulting (September 2010).

Trends in Pharmaceutical Deal-Making Tibor Papp at PharmaVentures Ltd (June 2010).

ELNs and IP Protection By Simon Coles at Amphora Research Systems (March 2010).

Laboratory Automation in the Life Sciences: Recent Achievements and Future Challenges By Wendy Lauber at Tecan Schweiz AG (December 2009).

The Entreprise ELN: Fostering Collaboration Across Virtual R&D Teams By Trevor Heritage at Symyx Technologies (December 2009).

From Academic Invention to Commercialisation: Plugging the Gap in Technology Transfer By William W Ward (December 2009).

Pharma 2020: Challenging Business Models By Jo Pisani and Steve Arlington at PricewaterhouseCoopers (September 2009).

IT Strategy: How to Survive and Thrive in 2009 By Vijayanand Vadrevu at Wipro Technologies (July 2009).

Creating Strong Patents in Europe By Allie Elend and Stephen Johnson at Venner Shipley LLP (March 2009).

Weathering the Perfect Pharmaceutical Storm Patrick Flochel and Carolyn Buck Luce at Ernst & Young (March 2009).

Building a Fact-Driven Enterprise Tim Wormus at TIBCO Spotfire (January 2009).

Survival of the Fittest: the Evolution of Big Pharma David Stern, Sophie Lamle and Aleksandar Ruzicic at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants (January 2009).

e-Networking and Drug Discovery David Bailey and Ed Zanders, St Johns Innovation Centre, Cambridge, UK (October 2008).

Quality Control in Medical Translations Simon Andriesen at MediLingua (May 2008).

Stemming the Decline in Pharma Profitability Tim Durston at Celerant Consulting (May 2008).

The Hidden Costs of Supply-Chain Inefficiency Simon Kaye (January 2008).

Flexible Outsourcing Solutions Roger Granville (January 2008).

Key Factors Affecting Brand Erosion at Patent Expiry Alistair Sincair at Datamonitor (November 2007).

Pharma-Biotech's Buying Spree Jayashri Kulkarni at Frost & Sullivan (April 2007).

China and India - the Eldorados of Pharma Outsourcing Dr. Enrico T. Polastro at Arthur D Little Benelux SA/NV (April 2007).

Delivering Traceability in the Pharma Supply Chain Andre Grigjanis, IBS Pharma (January 2007).

Light at the End of the Biotech Pipeline Andrew Fraser, 3i (September 2006).

Innovation Management Professor Joe Tidd, SPRU, University of Sussex (April 2006).

Protecting IP – A Critical Foundation for Life Science Ventures Andrew Newland at ANGLE (February 2006).

RFID in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A New Frequency Hans Bijl at Siemens (February 2006).

ECM – A Business Strategy, Not a Technology Paul Attridge at First Consulting Group (September 2005).

Securing The Drug Supply Chain Marc Bray at Logsys (September 2005).

Five Steps Towards Improving Logistics Performance Stephen Errey at Lucidea Consulting Limited (May 2005).

Valuation for Licensing and Portfolio Management Christopher R Neild and F David Alcraft at Bridgehead Consulting Division, Bridgehead International Ltd (May 2005).

Managing the Science of Drug Development Professor Geoffrey David Tovey, Atlantic Global (February 2005).

Systems Marketing John Singer, Blue Spoon Consulting (February 2005).

The Smart Approach to Pharmaceutical Marketing Gareth Thomas, Cegedim UK (February 2005).

Product information strategy - a case study Hoffmann-La Roche Pharmaceuticals & FCG (June 2004).

The grid computing revolution Una Du Noyer and Derek Crates, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (June 2004).

World drug discovery spending - a strategic analysis Issac Meek, Frost & Sullivan (June 2004).

High-performance outsourcing John Rollins, Ken Lacey & Yuji Nishimura Accenture (June 2004).

Biogenerics: myth or reality? Dr Enrico T Polastro, Arthur D Little Internationa (December 2001).

Successful European partnering: the key to improvi John Stevenson, Boxmore Healthcare Packaging (June 2000).

New media in pharmaceutical sales and marketing Mike Fletcher, Prime Medica (January 2000).

Tailored communication Ashleigh Dalrymple, Micromass Communications Ltd (January 2000).

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