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Olympus Europa Holding GmbH Challenging the constraints of the traditional microscope, Olympus has introduced its new open source microscopy concept, led by the IX3 range of inverted microscope frame. Optimised for live cell imaging, the benefits afforded by the IX3 open source frame design are far-reaching, and set to revolutionise the way we perceive microscopy.

Cresset Cresset’s comprehensive chemistry software and consulting services enable streamlining of discovery process and tighten IP position. The company's unique, patented technology shows a protein’s view of ligands. By tying chemical structure to therapeutic effect Cresset provides the tools needed to progress rapidly from idea to drug.

PRECOS Preclinical Oncology Services Limited (PRECOS) is a leading pre-clinical research and development service provider with a specic focus on oncology. Our track record in providing expert support and reproducible models, validated against standard of care agents, has established PRECOS as a unique partner for our clients, delivering innovative patient-relevant models for pre-clinical oncology research.

BioTools Europe Ltd Vibrational Circular Dichroism in Brief VCD is the extension of electronic CD (ECD) into the infrared (IR) region of the electromagnetic spectrum and, like ECD, VCD is a form of differential absorption spectroscopy arising from the preferential absorption of left and right circularly polarized infrared radiation by mirror-image stereoisomers (ÄA = AL - AR).

Optibrium StarDrop is a suite of software that helps to deliver optimally balanced, effective drugs - fast. By quickly highlighting diverse, high-quality compounds, StarDrop dramatically reduces the time it takes to find effective leads and then transform them into candidate drugs which will have a high probability of success downstream.

DiscoveRx Advanced lead optimization efforts through innovative and comprehensive GPCR and kinase panels.

BioTools Europe Ltd BioTools develops and manufactures advanced scientific analytical instrumentation providing a range of unique products including Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD) and Raman Optical Activity (ROA) which are used in a range of chiral based application and are extensively applied to determine chiral structures and function of both small and bio-molecules.

Distek, Inc Distek, Inc. is firmly committed to the high quality of our dissolution testing products and validation services. Distek seeks to remain a pharmaceutical industry leader through unsurpassed customer service, innovative design, and engineering superiority. Distek's customers are our top priority and we will continue to work closely with pharmaceutical companies to develop products that meet their needs and satisfy the stringent demands of regulatory agencies.

Genedata The Genedata Screener software system manages and analyzes all data along the entire screening cascade - from target validation via hit identification to lead optimization. Recognized for its performance as an analysis system (fastest to hit and lead), Genedata Screener is a turnkey solution for all screening data management needs, and requires minimal set-up and maintenance. Supporting all relevant technologies including High Content Screening, Time-resolved Screening, and Label-free Screening, Genedata Screener also handles assays of any size from single plates to full-deck screens of millions of compounds.

Genedata High Content Screening (HCS) has climbed out of the Trough of Disillusionment, as defined by Gartner, Inc., and is on its way to becoming a standard technology in modern drug discovery1,2. This is especially true in the area of hit identification and confirmation where HCS is an integral part of the screening infrastructure.

Attana Coping even with crude samples: Attana AB is a world leading company in molecular interaction studies using the Quartz Crystal Microbalance technology (QCM). Our QCM-instruments are employed by the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries as well as by the academic society, acknowledged for its ease of use and strong performance.

Chantest ChanTest Pre-clinical Safety Toxicology: Human stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes now available for assessing cardiac liability

Bio Nano Consulting (BNC) Bio Nano Consulting (BNC) specialises in delivering innovative solutions to industry across the life sciences and technology sectors.

NascaCell Technologies AG NascaCell Technologies AG is a global leading service provider of a new generation of biomolecules. With its innovative Aptamer and Microbody™ technologies

NascaCell Technologies AG NascaCell Technologies AG advert

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