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Vaccine Technology, Inspired by Plants Brian J Ward at Medicago (October 2021).

Vaccine Technology, Inspired by Plants Brian J Ward at Medicago (October 2021).

Building an Adaptable Discovery Pipeline for the Evolving Antibody Therapeutic Landscape Colby Souders at Abveris (April 2021).

Behind the Molecular Cookie Cutter Professor Tim Dafforn at the University of Birmingham (April 2021).

The Race for the COVID-19 Vaccine Dr Chelsea Pratt at Bio-Rad Laboratories (April 2021).

Can TechnologyImprove Adherence? Graham Howieson at Origin Pharma (June 2020).

Tools in the Evolving Pharma Industry Wayne Miller at Zebra Technologies (June 2020).

Automation in the Pharmaceutical Industry Paul O’Hanlon at Omnicell (June 2020).

The Value of Metrics in Trial Performance Measurement Jim Streeter at Oracle Health Sciences (June 2020).

Why 2020 Should Be the Year of Data Clarity David Gwyn at AMPLEXOR (June 2020).

A World of Possibilities Stephanie Merrigan at ICON (October 2019).

Are Service Providers Overselling AI? Alan White at Arriello (October 2019).

From Digitally Proven to Clinically Proven Rashi Nangia at CIDP Group (October 2019).

Enhancing Payment Workflows Jim Murphy at Greenphire (October 2019).

Optimising e-Commerce through Technology Robin Salter at KWIPPED (July 2019).

The Need for Digital Marketplaces Liesl Eichholz at Molecule (July 2019).

A Digitally Savvy Approach to Recalls David Greenberg at TraceLink (April 2019).

Lessons from Consumer Neuroscience Geoffrey Gill MS at Shimmer (April 2019).

The Future is Here Earl Yardley at Industrial Vision Systems (April 2019).

Shaping the Future Sarah Trenfield and Dr Alvaro Goyanes at FabRx (April 2019).

Printing Potential Regina Au at BioMarketing Insight (April 2019).

Designated Digitisation By Zoe Bedford at ZPB Associates (December 2018).

Advancing Analysis By Dr Frank F Craig at Sphere Fluidics (December 2018).

Advancing Algorithms By Mauro Cozzi and Przemek Zientala at Researchably (December 2018).

Modern Methods By Dr Tom Whitehead at Intellegens (December 2018).

Escaping the Inferno By Professor Shai Shen-Orr at CytoReason (December 2018).

Artificial Analyses By Yianis Kiachopoulos at Causaly (December 2018).

Promise and Pitfalls By Dr Gabriel Musso at BioSymetrics (December 2018).

Meaningful Marketing By Dr Paul Avery (December 2018).

Online Impressions By Samuel Beavan at One Vision Health (December 2018).

Explainable Intelligence By Amy Guarino at Kyndi (December 2018).

Understanding AI By Nick Ford at Odesma (October 2018).

Encouraging Efficiency By Dr Richard Moseley at Microsaic (October 2018).

Maximising Payback By Dr Nicholas Lakin at Kinapse (October 2018).

Promising Processes A CPhI Worldwide Annual Report contribution by Girish Malhotra at EPCOT International (October 2018).

Nimble Robots By Volker Spanier at Epson Robotic Solutions (October 2018).

Promising Prospects By Neil Benn at Ziath (April 2018).

A Digital Rethink By Heather Fraser at the IBM Institute for Business Value (April 2018).

The New Age Brian Lynch at West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (December 2017).

Beyond Compliance By Jean-Marie Aulnette at TraceLink (December 2017).

Fit for Use By Daniel Chapple at Quanticate (December 2017).

Robots Humanising Healthcare By Sebastian Soithongsuk at GSK (December 2017).

Well Connected By Rauha Tulkki-Wilke at CRF Health (December 2017).

Tech on Trial By David Connelly at Cmed Group (December 2017).

Chemical Reaction Dr Giovanna Tedesco and Katriona Scoffin, Cresset (July 2016).

Model of Success Kristian Debus (September 2015).

Platform for Change Giordano Pula, the University of Bath (June 2015).

Listen Up Elizabeth Quinn, ELRIG (June 2015).

Circular Argument Nicholas K Terrett, Ensemble Therapeutics (December 2014).

Time on Our Side Eric Reese, SensiQ Technologies (September 2014).

Science’s Hidden Gem Andrew Harrison, Diamond Light Source (September 2014).

Rise of the Machines Dr Robert Scoffin, Cresset (September 2014).

Pep Talk Patrick Reid, PeptiDream (September 2014).

Treasure Your Exceptions Oliver Timmis and Anthony Hall, Findacure (June 2014).

Line of Sight Kevin Cox, Imanova (March 2014).

The Path to Progress Christine Miller, Agilent Technologies (March 2014).

Q&A: New Lease of Life James Allison (December 2013).

Through the Lens Wolfgang Hempell, Olympus Europa (December 2013).

The Path to Progress Xavier Jacq and Niall Martin, MISSION Therapeutics, (December 2013).

Under Lock and Key Dr Kei Enomoto, RGC Jenkins & Co (September 2013).

Make Way for Virtual Screening Tim Cheesewright & Robert Scoffin, Cresset BioMolecular Discovery (June 2013).

The Sharp End of Modern Drug Discovery Steve Trim, Venomtech Ltd (March 2013).

ELRIG Drug Discovery 2012 Pam Barnacal, Editor - IPT (December 2012).

Drug-Like or Likely to be a Drug? Matthew Segall, Optibrium Ltd (December 2012).

New Drugs from Old Robert Scoffin (September 2012).

Data Analysis Tools: Advancing the Identification and Analysis of Biomarkers Carl-Johan Ivarsson (September 2012).

In Vitro ADME Models: A Crystal Ball in a Petri Dish Chris Bode (September 2012).

Screening Techniques for Fragment- Based Drug Discovery Bob Carling, Selcia Limited (June 2012).

Predictive Models: Raising the Odds of Successful Drug Design Matthew Segall, Optibrium Ltd (June 2012).

GPCR Drug Discovery Reaches New Heights of Stability Rob Cooke, Heptares Therapeutics (June 2012).

Business Contracts: the Potential Pitfalls David Irving, Mundays LLP (June 2012).

Optimal Connectivity for Hygienic Processing Marc Klingler, Bürkert (March 2012).

Automation of DBS Sampling for Biopharmaceutical Analysis Stefan Mauch, Hamilton Bonaduz AG (March 2012).

Preclinical Imaging and its Importance in Drug Discovery and Development Alexandra De Lille at Caliper Life Sciences (December 2011).

Digital Pathology: Applications in Drug Discovery and Development Kush Kapila and David Fuller at Aperio (December 2011).

A New Horizon for GPCR-Based Drug Discovery Pam Barnacal (December 2011).

Reducing Attrition Rates in Anticancer Drug Development Jon Waterman-Smith of PRECOS (December 2011).

Multi-Parameter Optimisation in Drug Discovery Matthew Segall at Optibrium Ltd (December 2011).

Prostate Cancer Stem Cells: New Hope for Therapy? Steve Holmes (September 2011).

Improving the Developability of Biopharmaceuticals Jesús Zurdo, Rebecca Michael and Yvette Stallwood at Lonza Biologics, and Karin Hedman and Teodor Aastrup at Attana AB (June 2011).

New Momentum for Kinase Drug Discovery Sunitha Sastry and Sailaja Kuchibhatla at DiscoveRx Corporation (June 2011).

The Therapeutic Potential of microRNAs Andreas G Bader and Paul Lammers at Mirna Therapeutics, Inc (March 2011).

The Pistoia Alliance: A Progress Report R Arun Kumar serves as a Vice President and Head of the Global Life Sciences Business Unit at Infosys, (March 2011).

The New Science of Predictive Safety Testing Joan Bigorra and Jordi Naval at Anaxomics (March 2011).

Advancing Drug R&D through Next-Generation ERP Ramesh J Chougule, Infosys Technologies Ltd (December 2010).

Chiral Analysis in Drug Discovery and Development Yanan He, Biotools Inc (December 2010).

Speeding Translational Research: from 'Beaker to Bedside' Frank K Brown at Accelrys (September 2010).

Getting Traction in HCS Informatics Oliver Leven, Genedata (September 2010).

Visual Analyses for Guiding Compound Design and Selection Edmund J Champness, Optibrium Ltd (September 2010).

Cloud Computing: A Drug Discovery Game Changer? Paul Davie at InhibOx Ltd (June 2010).

An Integrated Solution for HTS Data Analysis William Goode at Amgen (June 2010).

Field-Based Technology in the Evaluation of In-Licensing Candidates Steve Gardner and Andy Vinter at Cresset Group (June 2010).

The Development of Deuterium-Containing Drugs By Roger Tung at Concert Pharmaceuticals (March 2010).

A Multi-Mode, Cellular Platform for Investigation of the GPCR Signalling Network By Jean-Luc Tardieu at Cisbio Bioassays (March 2010).

Kinase Inhibitors for the Treatment of Non-Cancer Indications Dawn on the Horizon? By Mathias Schmidt at Nycomed GmbH (December 2009).

Stem Cells as an Enabling Technology in Drug Discovery By Maria Webb at Ligand Pharmaceuticals (December 2009).

Beyond Markush-Protecting Activity not Chemical Structure By Steve Gardner and Andy Vinter at Cresset-BMD Ltd (September 2009).

From Low Productivity to Eficient Network-Based Drug Discovery By Steven Zimmer and Malcolm Young at e-Therapeutics plc (September 2009).

Ion Channel Technologies: Progress and Potential By Frank H Yu, Barbara A Wible, Stephen S Smith and Arthur M Brown at ChanTest Corporation (July 2009).

Crude Sample Analysis Made Easy By Alexander Kovacs at Attana (July 2009).

Nanomechanical Cantilever Biosensors: a Springboard to Novel Antibiotics By Dr David Sarphie at Bio Nano Consulting, Dr Rachel McKendry at the London Centre for Nanotechnology and Department of Medicine at University College London, and Dr Joseph Ndieyira of the Department of Chemistry, Jomo Kenyatta University, Kenya (July 2009).

HDAC Inhibitors: New Promise in the Treatment of Immune and Inflammatory Disease By Stephen Shuttleworth and Simon Kerry at Karus Therapeutics Ltd (March 2009).

The Identification of Bioisosteres as Drug Development Candidates By Tim Cheeseright at Cresset BioMolecular Discovery (March 2009).

Outsourcing Data Analysis via Secure Grid Technology Simon Beaulah and Moustafa Ghanemat at InforSense Ltd, Robert Gill at Pronota NV, and Li Du at GlaxoSmithKline (January 2009).

The Therapeutic Potential of Lantibiotics Steven Boakes and Sjoerd Wadman of Novacta Biosystems Ltd (January 2009).

An Integrated Platform for ADR Reporting Partha Chakraborty and Rick Kite at Cognizant Technology Solutions (January 2009).

Hot Cell-Culture Models By Manfred Schmolz at Experimental and Diagnostic Immunology (EDI) GmbH, and Thomas O Joos at the NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute, at the University of Tubingen (October 2008).

Microcalorimetry: the Gold Standard for Binding Affinity Studies Brian Lightbody at MicroCal (October 2008).

Cellular Bioenergetic Profiles: a New Window on Metabolism David Ferrick, Andy Neilson and Min Wu at Seahorse Bioscience (May 2008).

Microfluidics: its Impact on Drug Discovery Gillian Davis at The Dolomite Centre Ltd (May 2008).

Fragment-Based Drug Design David Bailey, Susan Boydand Paul England at IOTA Pharmaceuticals Ltd, and Iwan de Esch at IOTA and the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (May 2008).

Allosteric Modulation: a Novel Approach To Drug Discovery Mark Epping-Jordan, Emmanuel Le Poul and Jean-Philippe Rocher (January 2008).

Novel Approaches To Targeting Ion Channels Dayle Hogg, Diane Ryan And Roland Kozlowski (January 2008).

Pharmaceutical Automation: Widening the Neck of the Bottle Stephen Fleck (January 2008).

The Zebrafish: Swimming to the forefront of Drug Discovery Julie Cooke and Wendy Alderton at Summit Plc (November 2007).

Molecular Field Technology and its Applications in Drug Discovery Sally Rose and Andy Vinter at Cresset BioMolecular Discovery Limited (November 2007).

Predictive Modelling: Creating a brighter future for Pharma R&D Alphonso Archer at Quicksilva Software Solutions (November 2007).

High-Throughput Genotoxicity Testing Richard Walmsely at Gentronix Ltd (April 2007).

Predictive Modelling in Drug Development Asher D. Schachter at Phorecaster (April 2007).

Optimising the Physicochemical Properties of Lead Compunds Sanjivanjit Bhal and Michael R.J.Hachey at Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc (April 2007).

Taking Drug Discovery to the Next Level Andres Follin at SGI (April 2007).

Synchrotron Radiation in Pharmaceutical Research Louise N. Johnson, Diamond Light Source (January 2007).

Metabolomics for Biomarker Discovery Michael Milburn at Metabolon (January 2007).

A Structure-Based Strategy for New Drug Discovery Ramesh Sistla, Chakshusmathi Ghadiyaram, Nagariaja C Srinivasan and Hosahalli S Subramanya at Aurigene Discovery Technologies Limited (September 2006).

In Silico Designed Targeted Libraries Mark Warne, Tripos Discovery Research Ltd (September 2006).

Targeted Alpha Emitters in Tumour Therapy Thomas Ramdahl and Roy Larsen, Algeta ASA (September 2006).

Fragment-Based Lead Discovery by NMR Markus Schade, Combinature Biopharm AG (April 2006).

Programmable Microfluidics: A New Tool for Secondary Screening/Lead Optimisation Michael Biros at Celligent Consulting, and Bart Van de Vyver (February 2006).

Thermodynamic Discrimination in Drug Discovery Dile Holton PhD at MicroCal LLC (February 2006).

Flow Cytometry: A Mainstream Drug Discovery Tool Lawrence Lem and Amedeo Cappione at Guava Technologies (February 2006).

Genetically Modified Mouse Models in Drug Discovery Dr Paul Rounding at Artemis Pharmaceuticals GmbH (February 2006).

Integrated Fluidic Circuits: Catching the Next Wave of Pharmaceutical Innovation Michael Y Lucero at Fluidigm Corporation (September 2005).

Metabolomics: New Applications, New Science Chris Beecher at Metabolon (September 2005).

The Aptamer Approach To Drug Discovery Dr Andreas Jenne at NascaCell (May 2005).

Systems Biology Simulations John Savin at Physiomics plc (May 2005).

Fragment-Based Drug Design Dr Tim Mitchell and Dr Mike Cherry, Sareum Ltd (May 2005).

EDC: The State of the Art Andrew MacGarvey, Business Development Director at Datatrial Ltd (February 2005).

Regulatory Document Management: A Help Not a Hindrance Wendy Hamilton, Vice President, Emerging Products at Liquent (February 2005).

Smart Safety Reporting Barry Burnstead, Head of International Commercial Development at Phase Forward (February 2005).

Overcoming the Data Quality Bottleneck Nick Haan, BlueGnome (February 2005).

Next-Generation Drug Discovery - An Initiative Dr Karen Smith, The Cambridge-MIT Institute's Next-Generation Drug Discovery Community (February 2005).

Content Management Systems - The Next Generation Tim Ames, Convera Technologies (February 2005).

A Darwinian Response to the Data Deluge Dr Richard Tateson, BT (February 2005).

EsB Detection Low Voltage - BSE Imaging Dr M Steigerwald, Carl Zeiss SMT (September 2004).

Structural proteomics - a new driving force in drug discovery Judd Berman, Christian Burks, Raymond Hui and Molly B Schmid, Affinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc (June 2004).

Visualisation in drug discovery: the way of the future Dan Stevens, SGI (June 2004).

Employment trends in clinical research Dr Jorge Garcia, Geelen & Geelen GmbH (June 2004).

Microdosing: a new approach to clinical drug development Jeremy Hague, Xceleron Ltd (June 2004).

Facilitating the use of CDISC standards in clinical trials Peter Barrie and Mark Wheeldon, Formedix Ltd (June 2004).

3D GPCRs - a platform for the discovery of new drugs Oren M Becker, Predix Pharmaceuticals Ltd (June 2004).

Exploring the literature for drug discovery Fred Winer, CAS (June 2004).

Brain mapping: its use in drug development Prof Dr Wilfried Dimpfel, NeuroCode AG (June 2004).

EDC implementation: beginning at the end Scott Grisanti, eResearch Technology, Inc (June 2004).

Second-generation EDC solutions Edward Ikeguchi, Medidata Solutions, Inc (June 2004).

Patient recruitment: a CRC perspective BBK Healthcare, Inc (September 2003).

Realising the value proposition of EDC Dr Jeffrey A Green, DATATRAK International, Inc (September 2003).

Zebrafish - an in vivo model for drug screening Chaoyang Ma, Chuenlei, Wen Lin Seng, Chaojie Zhang, Catherine Willett and Patricia McGrath Phylonix Pharmaceuticals Inc (September 2003).

Putting imaging in the picture Jay B Zimmerman, Perceptive Informatics, Inc (September 2003).

Exploiting insects in the search for new drugs Dr Jean-Luc Dimarcq and Steve Dawe, Entomed SA (September 2003).

Effective pharmacovigilance: a CRO perspective Susanne Becker, Martin Sujatta and Suzanne Gagnon, ICON (September 2003).

Injecting new life into R&D productivity Dr Faiz Kermani and Pietro Bonacossa, Chiltern Int (September 2003).

The success of your clinical trials depends on the Jack AUZERIE, MD, Nathalie DUBON (March 2003).

21 CFR Part 11 - An overview Dr Paul Bleicher, Phase Forward Incorporated (January 2003).

Courier integration in the CT process Dr Drew Kilpatrick and Peter Crespin, TNT (January 2003).

Collaboration - the key to pharmaceutical success David Parry, McLaren (January 2003).

Microfluidics: applications in drug discovery and Rolf Ehrnström, Gyros AB (June 2002).

Metabolomics: the newest of the "omics" sciences Chris Beecher, Paradigm Genetics, Inc (June 2002).

Determination of H. pylori-related disease Dr Osmo Suovaniemi, Biohit Oy (June 2002).

The role of computational simulation in drug disco Nancy Ogihara, Accelrys Inc (June 2002).

A short cut on the long road to drug discovery Dr Helmut Kessmann and Dr Holger Ottleben, Graffin (December 2001).

SPR technology in the analysis of biomolecular bin Paul James, Biacore International AB (December 2001).

Managing clinical trials through technology Anne Zielinski, CB Technologies Inc (December 2001).

A cohesive infrastructure for content management i Chris Moore, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (December 2001).

Accelerating drug discovery with decision analytic Dr Bill Ladd, Spotfire Inc (January 2001).

The use of strategic outsourcing to speed up disco Dr Mark Treherne, Cambridge Drug Discovery (January 2001).

Chemical genomics - a new drug discovery paradigm Dr Lutz Weber, Morphochem (January 2001).

Clinical trials management systems - a review Robin Butler, FW Pharma Systems (January 2001).

Miniaturisation of HTS assays Dr Lisa Bellavance, Dr Jonathan Burbaum and Dr Dav (June 2000).

Planning for knowledge-led R&D Tomas Flores, Deborah Garcia, Toby McKenzie and Jo (June 2000).

Virtual screening of focused combinatiorial librar Dr Stephen Young and Dr Jin Li, Protherics Molecul (June 2000).

Opportunities for niche players in the combinatori Linda Hugl, Ian Matthews and Alan Stuttle, ChemOva (June 2000).

An automated synthesis programme for drug discover Dr James Harness, Bohdan Automation Inc (June 2000).

Designed chemical libraries for hit /lead optimisa Dr Tony Cooper and Dr Kathe Andrews-Cramer, Tripos (June 2000).

Using the internet to speed up clinical drug devel Marc Duey, ProMetrics Consulting Inc (June 2000).

A new tool for antimicrobial suceptibility testing Dr Jackie Rodgers, Oxoid Ltd (June 2000).

The use of surrogate markers to accelerate develop Dr Kenneth Faulkner and Dr Charles Peterfy, Synarc (June 2000).

The impact of information technology on clinical Dr Andy Morffew, Parexel International Ltd (January 2000).

Toxicity testing - near-term advances and anxietie Professor Anthony D Dayan (January 2000).

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