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Analytical Laboratory Technology


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Cloud Capture Aiden Flynn at Exploristics (July 2019).

Staying Ahead of the Game Dr David Lewis at Chiesi (April 2019).

Robust Integration By Arnold Zöldhegyi, Imre Molnár, Markus Molnár, and Hans-Jürgen Rieger at Molnár-Institute for Applied Chromatography (December 2018).

Audio Assistance By DeLacy Rhodes and James Rhodes at HelixAI (December 2018).

System Dynamics By Dr Tobias Hahn at GoSilico (December 2018).

Processing Technologies By Kai Koch and Susanne Silva at Romaco Innojet (December 2018).

Ensuring Integrity By Patrick Kenny at Thermo Fisher Scientific (October 2018).

Flexible Therapies By Steve Jones at Renew Health (October 2018).

Measurement Milestones By Dr Sean Devenish at Fluidic Analytics (October 2018).

Leveraging AI By Joan Chambers and Naomi Fujimoto at SCORR Marketing (July 2018).

Technological Transformations By Siniša Belina at AMPLEXOR Life Sciences (July 2018).

The Future is Now By Johannes Ulander, Dave Iberson-Hurst, and Kirsten Langendorf at A3 Informatics (April 2018).

Friend or Foes? By Isobel Finnie at Haseltine Lake (April 2018).

Lost in Translation By Jason Arnsparger at AMPLEXOR Life Sciences (December 2017).

Behind Closed Doors By Katharine Briggs at Lhasa (December 2017).

Missed Opportunities By Shruthi Parakkal at Frost & Sullivan (December 2017).

Magnifying Results Stefan Jehle at Bruker BioSpin (October 2017).

Protein Potential Dr Claes Gustafsson at ATUM (October 2017).

Advanced Alternatives By Dr Pablo Castan, Dr Paul Reeves and Dr Jan Rogers at Arcis Biotechnology, Dr Alicia De Pablo and Dr Carlos Toro at Hospital La Paz and Beatriz Lopez-Quintana and Ana Arroyo at Foundation Hospital La Paz (October 2017).

Gauging the Temperature Darren Wells and Andrea Zobel at PAREXEL (July 2017).

Gold Standard Pablo Castan, Paul Reeves and Jan Rogers at Arcis Biotechnology and Beatriz Lopez-Quintana, Ana Arroyo, Alicia Olaiz, Nuria Iglesias and Carlos Toro at Hospital Carlos III – La Paz (April 2017).

Picture Perfect Kevin Jacob, Illingworth Research (December 2016).

The Quality of Quality Mark Stevens, Formpipe Life Science (December 2016).

Setting a Course Catherine Gambert, ProductLife Group (December 2016).

The Bigger Picture Tommy Johansson, AMRA (October 2016).

Focus Shift Andrew Monk, ioLight (October 2016).

Out with the Old Robert Bullich, Maria Santafé and Paul Stewart, Telstar (July 2016).

Paperless Labs: Fact or Fiction? Dmitri Serebrianik, Clarkston Consulting (July 2016).

'Ultra' Biotherapeutic Characterisation Rowan Moore, Thermo Fisher Scientific (April 2016).

Pure Formula Sophia Kenrick, Wyatt Technology Corporation (April 2016).

Lab Life Trish Meek, Thermo Fisher Scientific (December 2015).

Sky's the Limit Tim Cheeseright and Katriona Scoffin, Cresset (December 2015).

A Particular Challenge Ross Blezard (September 2015).

Made to Measure Oksana Leszczyszyn (September 2015).

Optimum Results Irena McGuffy (September 2015).

Why, What and When to Image Kevin Cox, Imanova (March 2015).

Less is More Dr Ishwar Singh, Dr Driton Vllasaliu and Dr Enrico Ferrari, the University of Lincoln (March 2015).

Improving Predictivity Dr Liz Roquemore, GE Healthcare Life Sciences (March 2015).

Hit the Target Michael Kaszuba and Pauline Carnell, Malvern Instruments (June 2014).

Pressure Points Stefan Mauch, Hamilton Bonaduz AG (June 2014).

Good Form Michael Gamlen, Gamlen Tableting (June 2014).

Model Behaviour Kristian Debus, Oleh Baran and Sabine Goodwin, CD-adapco (June 2014).

Touch and Go David Jones, Yokogawa (March 2014).

Software Solutions Adam Woolley and David Woolley, ForthTox (March 2014).

The All-Rounder Stephanie Kappes, Alfred Steinbach and Katinka Ruth, Metrohm (March 2014).

Leaning Towards Quality Kevin Walsh, Rapid Micro Biosystems (December 2013).

Personal Best Ian Samson, DuPont (December 2013).

Character Study Torsten Jähnke, JPK Instruments (December 2013).

Auto Route Uwe Heuzeroth and Daniel Moser, Tecan Schweiz AG (September 2013).

Hydrogen Power Ed Connor, Peak Scientific (September 2013).

ePathology Solutions Lance Mikus and Catherine Conway, Leica Biosystems (September 2013).

Q&A: Chromatography Steven Cohen, Waters Corporatio (June 2013).

A Winning Combination Deborah Huck-Jones, Malvern Instruments (June 2013).

Is Your Liquid Handling Misleading You? Joe Olechno, Labcyte (June 2013).

Waste Watch Christian Martin, Peter Pfundstein, Dirk Flottmann, Dr Benedikt Galliker, Dr Alfred Steinbach and Dr Andrea Wille (March 2013).

A Good Fit? Judith Vajda and Regina Römling, Tosoh Bioscience (March 2013).

Ultra Culture Dr Bjoern-Thoralf Erxleben, Shimadzu Europa GmbH (March 2013).

Looking Ahead to HPLC2013 Amsterdam Peter Schoenmakers, HPLC2013 Amsterdam (March 2013).

Human Tissue Sampling in New Drug Research By Fiona MacKenzie, Tissue Solutions (December 2012).

Successful Lab Automation: It’s the People, Stupid Andrew Whitwell, Labman (December 2012).

Ensuring the Health of Laboratory Rodents Charles Clifford and Kenneth Henderson, Charles River (December 2012).

3D Cell Culture for De-risking Jens M Kelm and Jan Lichtenberg, InSphero (December 2012).

Chemometric Analysis of Raman Spectroscopy Data Tim Smith (September 2012).

N-Glycan Analysis of Monoclonal Antibodies Sonja Schneider and Edgar Nägele (September 2012).

Automation by Design Anthony Moran, Astech Projects (June 2012).

Laboratory Gas Generators: Keeping Up with the Latest Innovations in LC/MS Technology Chris Pugh, Engineering Director at Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd (June 2012).

Radio Ion Chromatography Miguel Espinosa at Gomensoro SA, Jesús Chesa-Jiménez at Instituto Tecnológico PET, and Benidikt Galliker, Alfred Steinbach and Andrea Wille at Metrohm International Headquarters (June 2012).

A New Generation of Cell-Biosensors Miriam Dwek, University of Westminster & Teodor Aastrup, Attana AB (March 2012).

Solid-Phase Trapping for Improved Purifi cation Processes Björn-Thoralf Erxleben, Shimadzu Europa GmbH (March 2012).

New Approaches to Antibody Analysis Judith Vajda, Technical Specialist at Tosoh Bioscience GmbH & Regina Römling Marketing Manager at Tosoh Bioscience GmbH. (March 2012).

Analytical versus Preparative and Production-Scale HPLC: Some Considerations Robert Fredriksson, Application Engineer at Akzo Nobel Separation Products within Eka Chemicals (Bohus, Sweden) (March 2012).

HPLC 2012 Anaheim Frantisek Svec, Facility Director at the Molecular Foundry of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. (March 2012).

Ultrasonic Production of Dispersions and Emulsions Thomas Hielscher (January 2012).

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Stereo Microscope Daniel Goeggel at Leica Microsystems (December 2011).

Pharmaceutical Applications of Force Spectroscopy Stephanie Allen and Alex Winkel (November 2011).

analytica 2012: A Preview Pam Barnacal (November 2011).

Non-Invasive Optical Dissolved Oxygen Quantification in Small-Scale Bioreactors Konstantin Schneider (November 2011).

A New Tool for the Discovery of Low Affinity Pathway Inhibitors Michael Fejtl, Edward Dell, JL Tardieu and F Degor (November 2011).

A Water Plug Injection A Water Plug Injection HPLC Column Efficiency Robert Fredriksson at Akzo Nobel (November 2011).

UHPLC: A Giant Leap for Separation Science Markus M Martin (September 2011).

Innovations in LC/MS: Helping Pharma Cope with the New Reality St John Skilton (September 2011).

Review of HPLC 2011 Budapest Symposium Attila Felinger (September 2011).

X-Ray-Based Pharma Analysis IPT Editor Pam Barnacal (June 2011).

ELISA: A Quantum Shift in Assay Performance Antony Sheehan and Ron Osmond at TGR BioSciences Pty Ltd, and Franka Ganske at BMG LABTECH (June 2011).

BMG LabTech: ELISAone BMG LabTech: ELISAone (May 2011).

Automated Small-Scale Parallel Biochromatography Jürgen Friedle and Tim Schroeder at Atoll GmbH (March 2011).

Automated Small-Scale Parallel Biochromatography Jürgen Friedle and Tim Schroeder at Atoll GmbH (March 2011).

Smart HPLC Solutions for Large Molecules Regina Römling at Tosoh Bioscience (March 2011).

Foreword to HPLC 2011 Budapest Attila Felinger at the University Of Pecs, Hungary (March 2011).

High-Throughput Vitamin D Analysis by UHPLC/MS Sean Daugherty at PerkinElmer Inc (March 2011).

Medical Division of Weidmann Plastics Technology AG Kurt Eggmann at Weidmann (December 2010).

Pharma Applications of Raman Chemical Imaging Oksana Klueva, Oksana Olkhovyk and Ryan J Priore (December 2010).

In Vitro Tissue Models: Working in the Third Dimension Emma Sceats, Zyoxel Ltd (December 2010).

Preclinical Molecular Imaging: A Whole-Body Experience Arnaud Briat, Animascope (December 2010).

New Developments in SERS for the Pharmaceutical Industry Ewen Smith, Graeme McNay, David Eustace, Alastair McInroy and Karen Fitchett, Renishaw Diagnostics Ltd (September 2010).

Injection-Moulded Plastics: Transforming Biomedical Testing in the Lab Markus Luethy and Chris Becker, Weidmann Plastics Technology AG (September 2010).

Welcome to HPLC 2010 Boston! By Steven Cohen at Waters Corporation (June 2010).

ICP-MS in the Determination of Lead in Calcium-Based Products Lee Davidowski at PerkinElmer, Inc (June 2010).

Determining Trace-Level Aliphatic Amines in Cationic Pharmaceuticals Andrea Wille and Alfred Steinbach at Metrohm (June 2010).

Sample Purification:Changing the Rules Induka Abeysena and Rob Darrington at Genevac (June 2010).

The Quantification of Multiple Signalling Pathway Proteins Clifford C Hoyt at Cambridge Research (June 2010).

Molecular Interaction Studies in Cells:Exploring Biology at a New Level Alexander Kovacs at Attana (June 2010).

Fresh Versus Frozen Recombinant CHO Cells in HTS Programmes By Bernd LAffert at CCS Cell Culture Service GmbH, and Franks Ganske and Michael Fejtl at BMG LABTECH GmbH (March 2010).

Optical Imaging in Drug Development By Stephen Oldfield at Caliper Life Sciences (March 2010).

ADE Technology and its Impact on Pharma R&D By Joe Olechno at Labcyte Inc (March 2010).

High-Throughput Protein Analysis at the Nano Scale By Bruce Dudzik, Tom Levesque, Paul Stiles and Tom Warwick at NanoInk (December 2009).

Advances in Q-TOF LC/MS By Ken Imatani at Agilent Technologies, INC (December 2009).

HPLC at the Micro Scale By Don W Arnold at Eksigent Technologies (December 2009).

A New Perspective on the Challenges of Mass Spectrometry By Tom Covey at MDS Analytical Technologies (September 2009).

Method Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry: The Search for the Ideal HPLC Column By Stefan Lamotte at Bischoff Analysentechnik und -gerate GmbH (September 2009).

The Migration of Liquid Chromatogric Methods from HPLC to U-HPLC By Jason P Weisenseel at PerkinElmer (September 2009).

U-HPLC: The Next Innovative Progression in Liquid Chromatography By Andrew Altman at Thermo Fisher Scientific (September 2009).

HPLC 2009 By Klaus-Dieter Bischoff at Bischoff Analysentechnik (September 2009).

GFP-on-a-String By William W Ward at Brighter Ideas, Inc. (September 2009).

CCMS: A New Era in Toxicoproteomics By Friedrich Kroll, Mirko Glinski, Mathias Dreger, Erik Dulsner and Hubert Koster at caprotec GmbH (July 2009).

The Paperless Laboratory: Realities and Expectations By Robert Pavlis at Labtronics Inc (July 2009).

Web-Based LIMS: The Indelible Mark on the Face of Pharmaceutical Informatics By Randy C Hice at STARLIMS Corporation (July 2009).

The Role of the ELN in an Age of Austerity By Simon Coles of Amphora Research Systems (July 2009).

Accelerating the Purification of Biological Materials By Dave Cowieson, Samantha Brown and Ken Meadows at Porvair Technology (March 2009).

Three-Phase Partitioning for Protein Purification By William W Ward of Brighter Ideas, Inc (March 2009).

Stability Storage: the Case for Outsourcing Patrick Jackson at Vindon Scientific Limited (January 2009).

Why Every Company Needs an External Asset Manager Richard Dickinson at Astex Therapeutics (January 2009).

Advances in Live Cell Imaging Aubrey Lambert at Carl Zeiss (January 2009).

Dynamic Monitoring of GPCR Activation in Living Cells Yama Abassi at ACEA Biosciences (October 2008).

BDD Electrodes - Broadening the Scope of HPLC-EC Detection John Waraska and Ian N Acworth at ESA Biosciences, Inc (October 2008).

Novel Approaches to Nucleic Acid Separation Carola Schade at QIAGEN GmbH (May 2008).

Digitising Pathology Steve Potts and Peter Rogan at Aperio Technologies (May 2008).

Scanning Probe Microscopy: a Glimpse into the Future Drew Murray and Alex Winkel at JPK Instruments Limited (May 2008).

High-Throughput Monitoring of Protein Folding John Hassard and Tony Cass (January 2008).

Helium Ion Microscopy: an Introduction Nicholas Economou, Bill Ward, John Morgan and John Notte (January 2008).

Fragment Screening: Biochemical Assays Versus NMR Jon Barker, Thomas Hesterkamp, Markus Schade and Mark Whittaker at Evotec (November 2007).

Electrochemical Array Detection Technology Darwin Asa at ESA Inc (May 2007).

Bio-Chromatography at the Nano Scale Michael Hogan and Joseph Utermohlen at Argylla Technologies LLC (April 2007).

Testing, Testing: Meetingthe Demand for Shelf-Life Stability Mark Hammond and Carol Barbour at Melbourn Scientific (January 2007).

A Guide to Developing Fully Automated HTT Solutions Lars Lind-Hansen, Astech Projects (January 2007).

HTRF: Applications in High-Throughput Screening Francois Degorce, Cisbio International (January 2007).

Acoustic Detection Technology in the Analysis of Biomolecular Interactions Edward Hawkins, Matthew Cooper and Ian Campbell, Akubio Ltd (January 2007).

High-Throughput Toxicology By Steve Collins, Gainfranco Gilardi and Richard Garraway, NanoBioDesign Ltd (September 2006).

Lab Automation: Implementing a Successful System to Support Drug Discovery Ian Yates, Velocity 11 (September 2006).

Acoustic Droplet Ejection Technology Joe Olechno, Richard Stearns, Richard Ellson and Elaine Heron, Labcyte, Inc (April 2006).

Ultramicro Biomolecular Arrays Dr Saju Nettikadan and Korinna Radke at BioForce Nanosciences Inc (April 2006).

Traceable Sampling Solutions Erdal Demir, Micronic (April 2006).

Drug Development Applications of Raman Spectroscop Patricia Henson at Thermo Electron Corporation (April 2006).

Molecular Analysis in a Droplet of Sample Evgeny Kudryashov and Breda O’Driscoll at Ultrasonic Scientific Ltd, and Vitaly Buckin at the Department of Chemistry, University College, Dublin (September 2005).

Advances in Microfluidics Technology Andrea Chow, Mark Roskey, Rick Bernal, Seth Cohen and Javier Farinas at Caliper Life Sciences (May 2005).

Regulatory Product Lifecycle Management as a Global Competitive Advantage Jessica Davies (September 2004).

ERP delivers on the promise of paperless submissions Bernadette Billet, Liquent, Inc (September 2003).

Document content collaboration made easy Tracey Miller, Workshare Technology Ltd (January 2003).

3-D imaging of bio-molecules Candida Savage (January 2003).

The evolution of document management in the pharma Paul Hands and Alan Weintraub, QUMAS (June 2002).

ELNs - an end to paper notebooks? Simon Coles, Amphora Research Systems (June 2002).

Lab-on-a-chip technology Meike Kuschel, Odilo Müller and Carsten Buhlmann, (June 2002).

Integrating EDC technologies Samuel Hume and Christopher Dell, CB Technologies, (June 2002).

Electronic submissions: applying cutting-edge tech Susan Galle, ESPS Inc (December 2001).

XML in the bipharmaceutical sector Dr Lara Marks and Emmett Power, Silico Research Lt (December 2001).

EDC 2001: a (pharma) space odyssey Brian Chadwick and Scott Grisanti, eResearch Techn (December 2001).

Using the web to manage clinical trials Michael Ball and Paul Bleicher, Phase Forward Inc (December 2001).

Developments in electron microscopy Paul Ansell, Hitachi Scientific Instruments (January 2001).

MS analysis of biopharmaceutical products Dr Fiona M Greer, M-Scan Ltd (January 2001).

Virtual drug development Dr John Hutchinson, Vernalis (January 2001).

Measurement quality in Karl Fischer analyses Eric Trompier, Radiometer Analytical SA (June 2000).

Evaporation in parallel Andreas Tauer, Büchi Labortechnik AG (January 2000).

Microscopy - getting closer to reality Dr Frank Martin Petrat and Dr Hans Jürgen Metterni (January 2000).

High-throughput gene expression analysis Dr Gregory Lennon, Gene Logic Inc (January 2000).

Genomic microarrays: an overview Brian Pumphrey, BioRobotics Ltd (January 2000).

Challenges and changes in reagent supply Siobhan Marsden, Sigma-Aldrich (January 2000).

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