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ATMPs in the EU: Overcoming Regulatory Hurdles Sergio Lainez Vicente and Jaleel Shujath at Absorption Systems (October 2021).

2D, or Not 2D Dr Audrey Dubourg at CN Bio (April 2021).

Data Science is the Present Frederick Gertz at SHL Medical (November 2020).

New Genomic Engineering Technologies Expand Scientists’ Toolbox Gregory Davis at Sangamo (November 2020).

Pharma Manufacturing – Now Enhanced by Deep Learning Earl Yardley at Industrial Vision Systems (November 2020).

How to Approach Automating with Robots in Pharma Manufacturing Nigel Platt at ABB Robotics (November 2020).

Nanocolumn Developments for LC-MS Proteomics Robert van Ling at PharmaFluidics (June 2020).

A Practical Design Kurt Pickle at IDEX Health & Science (October 2019).

Overcoming the Biopharma Skills Gap Hélène Pora at Pall Biotech, Alain Pralong at Pharma-Consulting ENABLE, and Arnaud Schmutz at Sourcin (October 2019).

New Horizons in Biopharma Treatments Roumen Bogoev at GenScript (October 2019).

Quantification of Physical Robustness Dr Kevin R Ward, Joshua Robinson, and Thomas B Codd at Biopharma Group (October 2019).

Pure and Simplified Mochao Zhao at Merck (October 2019).

Keeping Control Dr Richard Moseley at Microsaic Systems (July 2019).

Data Detection Ruchin Kansal at Virtusa (April 2019).

Three-Step Medic Update Recovery Ramya Sriram at Kolabtree (April 2019).

Digital Transformation James Smith at Kefron (April 2019).

Enablers for Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionise Healthcare Mohamed Fouda at GE Healthcare Life Sciences (April 2019).

Friends or Foes? By Isobel Finnie and Joanna Rowley at Haseltine Lake (October 2018).

Call to Action By Mark Stevens at Formpipe Life Science (October 2018).

The Impact of Pain By Peter Staats MD, MBA at electroCore (October 2018).

Challenges in Chromatography By Dr Nandu Deorkar at Avantor (October 2018).

Combatting Crises By Adrian Fellows at AGA Nanotech (October 2018).

Tracking Compliance By Arthur Smith at Videojet Technologies (July 2018).

Printing Potential By Dr Stuart Lowe at TTP (July 2018).

Honing Haemostats By Dr Ben Wicks at Team Consulting (July 2018).

The Directives Deadline By Mark Davison at rfxcel (July 2018).

Albumin Advances By Dr Phil Morton & Dr Daniel Shelly at Albumedix (July 2018).

Adaptive Adoption By Robert Merrill JD and Tracy Rockney JD at OneSource Regulatory (April 2018).

Eventful Exposition Norm Dovichi at the University of Notre Dame (April 2018).

Going Forward By Dr Michael L Roberts at Synpromics (December 2017).

Controlling Infections By Dr Michail Karavolos and Guy Charteris at BioCote (December 2017).

Intruder Alert Dr Helen Whitby at Phenomenex (October 2017).

Preventable Problems Professor Lui G Forni (October 2017).

Prepare to Succeed By Siniša Belina at AMPLEXOR Life Sciences (July 2017).

Breath Diagnostics Dr Marc van der Schee and Dr Theodore W Wilson, Owlstone Medical (April 2017).

Sharing is Caring Pamela Brankin, Aridhia (October 2016).

Freeze Out Khushal Bombe, MarketsandMarkets (April 2016).

Single Minded Andrew Bulpin, EMD Millipore (December 2015).

Testing Inhaled Generics Mark Copley, Copley Scientific (December 2015).

Back to SCHOOL Alexander Sigalov (September 2015).

Expert Application Dr Barry Boyes and Dr Ron Orlando, Chairs of ISPPP 2015 (June 2015).

Fill the Gap Klaus Ullherr, Bosch Packaging Technology (June 2015).

Bank On It Dr Kirstin Goldring, AstraZeneca (March 2015).

Access All Areas Dr Fiona Mackenzie, Tissue Solutions Ltd (March 2015).

Get the Message Ingmar Hoerr, CureVac (December 2014).

War on Disease Stanley C Erck, Novavax (December 2014).

Brave New World Diana Hernandez, Plasticell Ltd (September 2014).

By Design Trevor Hallam, Jeremy Bender and William Newell, Sutro Biopharma (June 2014).

Potent Promise Donald Bergstrom, Timothy Lowinger and Peter Park, Mersana Therapeutics (June 2014).

Cell Centre Louis Boon, Bioceros BV (December 2013).

Improving Immunotherapy Henrik Pedersen, Liselotte Brix and Søren Jakobsen, Immudex (December 2013).

Talking Sense Teodor Aastrup, Attana AB (September 2013).

Q&A: Bioinformatics Steven Pelech, Kinexus Bioinformatics (June 2013).

Systems Biology Solutions to Microarray Nightmare Teresa Sardón, Cristina Segú and José Manuel Mas, Anaxomics (June 2013).

2-CLIPS Bicycle Peptides Peter Timmerman, Pepscan Therapeutics (December 2012).

Challenges for Therapeutic Peptides Part 2: Delivery Systems Rodney Lax, PolyPeptide Group and Christopher Meenan, Araya Biosciences (December 2012).

Integrated Drug Containment and Delivery Solutions Graham Reynolds (September 2012).

Prospects for Metabolomics in the Development of In Vitro Diagnostics Ralph Zahn and Guido Dallmann (September 2012).

Challenges for Therapeutic Peptides Part 1: On the Inside, Looking Out Rodney Lax and Christopher Meenan (September 2012).

Application Advantages of Combined Antibody Selection Technologies Jos Raats and Guido Jenniskens, ModiQuest (June 2012).

Has RNAi Lived Up to its Promise? Devin Leake and Anja van Brabant Smith at Thermo Fisher Scientific Bioscience Division (June 2012).

IVDs: Transforming the Prospects for Personalised Medicine Duncan Purvis, Vantix Ltd & Janette Thomas, Integrated Medicines Ltd (March 2012).

Delivering on the Promise of Personalised Medicine Guido Dallmann and Ralph Zahn, Biocrates Life Sciences AG (March 2012).

High Throughput Stem Cell Technologies Lilian Hook at Plasticell Limited (December 2011).

A Conjugation Platform for the Targeted Delivery of Anticancer Agents Lionel R Milgrom and Mahendra P Deonarain (September 2011).

Adult Stem Cells: At the Forefront of Regenerative Medicine John Fraser (September 2011).

The Lean Microbiology QC Lab David Jones and Mark Severns at Rapid Micro Biosystems (June 2011).

A Toolbox for Protein Expression Scientists Charles H Squires at Pfenex Inc (June 2011).

Prospects for Peptide Anti-Infective Agents Deborah A O’Neil at NovaBiotics Ltd (June 2011).

Beyond mAbs with TandAbs Uwe Reusch and Stefan Knackmuss at Affimed Therapeutics AG (June 2011).

Beyond mAbs with TandAbs Uwe Reusch and Stefan Knackmuss at Affimed Therapeutics AG (June 2011).

Advances in the Design of Bioreactor Systems Timo Keijzer and Erik Kakes at Applikon Biotechnology BV, and Emo van Halsema at Halotec Instruments BV (March 2011).

Seglin Technology: A Major Source of Novel Small-Molecule Drugs Richard Storer and Graeme Horne at Summit plc (September 2010).

Stability Testing of Herbal Medicinal Products Sven Oliver Kruse and Karim Sultan at Diapharm (June 2010).

Using Predictive Mathematical Models to Optimise the Scheduling of Anti-Cancer Drugs David Orrell, and Eric Fernandez at Physiomics (June 2010).

Reducing Timelines for Vaccine Potency Testing By Martin Smith at Synbiosis (March 2010).

RabMAbs as an Alternative Source of Therapeutic Leads By Guo-Liang Yu at Epitomics, Inc (March 2010).

Targeting HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase:a Coat with Many Pockets By Suhman Chung, Jason W Rausch and Stuart FJ Le Grice at the US National Cancer Institute (December 2009).

HT Molecular Profiling Technologies for Large-Scale Studies By Peer Staeher at febit holding GmbH (September 2009).

RNA Therapy: The Next Nig Thing after mAbs? By Giles Somers at Datamonitor (September 2009).

The Emergence of Antibody Fragments and Derivatives By Gurdeep Singh Athwal at Novozymes BioPharma UK (July 2009).

Novel Peptide Therapies for Cardiovascular Disease By Gary Hu at the American Peptide Company (July 2009).

Firefly Light: Illuminating the Path to New Drugs By Robert Inglis at BioThema AB (March 2009).

Trend-Spotting in New Drug Targets: the UPS Dr Neil Wilkie at ITI Life Sciences (March 2009).

Standardised Tools for Epigenetics Research Gerald Schock at Qiagen GmbH (January 2009).

Stem Cell Therapies for the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disease Eldad Melamed, Daniel Offen and Netta R Blondheim-Shraga at BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics anna Inna Kan at the Felsenstein Medical Research Center (January 2009).

Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis Bob Carr, Andrew Malloy and Jeremy Warren at Nanosight Limited (October 2008).

The Therapeutic Potential of Cystine-Knot Microproteins Harald Kolmar and Andreas Christmann at Technische Universitat Darmstadt (October 2008).

The Role of Automation in Systems Biology Roland Durner at Tecan, Switzerland (October 2008).

Enhancement Strategies for Therapeutic Antibodies Jeff Morhet (May 2008).

NIRS: a PAT Tool for Biopharm Applications Payal Roychoudhury, Linda Harvey and Brian McNeil at Strathclyde Fermentation Centre, University of Strathclyde, and Ronan O'Kennedy at BioPharmCEDD, GlaxoSmithKline (May 2008).

Sequence-Based Antibody Development Damon Hostin at Strategic Diagnostics, Inc (May 2008).

Human Cell-Expressed Proteins Denese Marks and Glenn Pilkington at Apollo Life Sciences (May 2008).

Pharmaceutic Stephen Fleck at TTp Labtech (January 2008).

Conjugation Strategies for Therapeutic Proteins Ji-won Choi (January 2008).

Recombinant mAB Libraries: Screening for New Therapeutics Martin Wiles at Biolnvent International (November 2007).

Anticalins: a Novel Class of Therapeutic Binding Proteins Andreas M. Hohlbaum and Arne Skerra of Pieris AG (November 2007).

Pursuit of the Perfect Vaccine Kevin P Killeen and Ronald W Ellis at AVANT Immunotherapeutics (April 2007).

DNAi-Based Medicines Dr. Richard D. Gill at ProNAi Therapeutics Inc (April 2007).

Lentiviral Vectors: Not Just For Gene Therapy Boro Dropulic, Lentigen Corporation (January 2007).

Technology Delelopments in Functional Proteomics Katherine Austin, Frost & Sullivan (January 2007).

Slonomics: An Advanced Technology for Automated Gene Synthesis Thomas Waldmann and Markus Fuhrmann, Sloning Bio Technology GmbH (January 2007).

Antibody Libraries: How to Overcome the Discovery Log-Jam Professor Dr Melvyn Little, Affimed Therapeutics AG (January 2007).

How to Design Immunotherapeutic Peptides David C. Wraith, Apitope Technology (Bristol) Ltd and the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Bristol (January 2007).

Polyclonals: A Third Generation of Antibody Therapeutics Kaja Tengbjerg and John S Haurum, Symphogen (September 2006).

Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics - The Next Generation Dr David Milroy, ITI Life Sciences (September 2006).

RNAi-based Therapeutics: Promises and Challenges Dr Mohammed Amarzguioui, siRNAsense AS (April 2006).

Advances in Protein Crystallisation Christopher A. Bonagura, Douglas I. Buckley and Thomas J. Stout, Exelixis, Inc (April 2006).

The Design of Quantitative Multiplex Immunoassays Dr Robert S. Negm, GenTel BioSciences (April 2006).

Downtown Toronto: An Expanding Hub of Biomedical Research By Pam Barnacal, Editor of Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology (February 2006).

Haptomics – A Novel Approach to Therapeutic Antibody Selection Professor Andy Porter at Haptogen Ltd (February 2006).

A Tetranectin-Based Platform for Protein Engineering Hans Christian Thøgersen and Johanna Holldack at Borean Pharma (February 2006).

Applications of Glyconanoparticles Dr David McL Hill at Midatech (September 2005).

NovaChip Evanescent Resonator Technology Dieter Neuschäfer, Estelle Marrer and Wolfgang Budach at Novartis Pharma AG (September 2005).

Fully Human Domain Antibody Therapeutics: The Best of Both Worlds Robert Connelly at Domantis (September 2005).

FIoNA: The Discovery of Trace Therapeutic Proteins David Hammond and Julia Lathrop at Jerome Holland (September 2005).

Morpholino Antisense Oligos: Applications in Biopharmaceutical Research Dr James Summerton at Gene Tools LLC (September 2005).

Single-Shot Stable Liquid Vaccines Dr Bruce Roser at Cambridge Biostability Limited (May 2005).

Pharma Applications of Dendrimer Technology Dr Tom McCarthy and Dr Guy Krippner at Starpharma Pty Limited (May 2005).

The Therapeutic Potential of NanobodiesTM Dr Mark Vaeck at Ablynx NV (May 2005).

The Automation of Protein Expression Lorna Watson (February 2005).

Tango Array: A Novel Molecule and Cell Sorting Technology Pamela Barnacal, Editor Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology (February 2005).

Alternative splicing - its role in gene function Casey C Case, Sangamo BioSciences, Inc (June 2004).

Antimicrobial peptides Hans-Henrik Kristensen and Debbie Yaver, Novozymes (June 2004).

Determination of H. pylori-related disease Dr Osmo Suovaniemi, Biohit Oy (September 2003).

Therapeutic proteins: room for improvement? Tehmina Amin, Biovation Ltd (June 2002).

Pharmacogenomics: present and future Dr Adam Friedmann, Department of Genetics, The Sil (June 2002).

An integrated approach to gene analysis Markus Beier, Marcus Hausch, Manfred Müller, Cord (December 2001).

A breakthrough in genomics/proteomics array techno Dr Bruce Seligmann, High Throughput Genomics (December 2001).

Protein-protein interactions as a basis for drug t Igor Stagljar, Michael Hottiger, Daniel Auerbach a (December 2001).

A primer on SNPs - part 1 Dr Michael Phillips and Dr Michael Boyce-Jacino, O (January 2001).

Microarray-based gene expression profiles applied Dr Andreas Bosio, MEMOREC Stoffel GmbH, Dr Jürgen (January 2001).

Gene discovery and validation technologies Dr Klaus Giese, Atugen AG (January 2001).

How to discover drug targets in genomics databases Dr Mark Swindells, Inpharmatica Ltd (June 2000).

Pyrosequencing - a new approach to DNA analysis Mårten Winge, Pyrosequencing AB (January 2000).

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