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Stepping Up the Pace in Vaccine Development and Production Andrew Whytock at Siemens AG (October 2021).

Tools to Transform Andrew Smith at Rockwell Automation (October 2021).

Innovations in Cell-Line Development Seahee Kim at Samsung Biologics (October 2021).

The Most Common Tabletting Issues Dale Natoli at Natoli Engineering Company Inc. (April 2021).

Handling Automation Peter Devenny at Palamatic (October 2019).

Manufacturing in the Biologics Era Natalie Balanovsky at Almac Clinical Services (July 2019).

Enhancing Prescription Adherence Yoav Hoshen at Water.IO (July 2019).

The Case for an Integrated IRT Bart Nicholson at Signant Health (July 2019).

A Greater Control of Goods James Gray at John Bell & Croyden (July 2019).

Packing, Tracking, and Supply Keith Loria on behalf of Global Cold Chain Alliance (July 2019).

A Brave New World Rojel Rivera at CMRP Automation (July 2019).

A Faster Track to Market Jacqueline Hora at Zenith Technologies (April 2019).

Optimising Validation Processes Through Automation Valarie King-Bailey at OnShore Technology Grou (April 2019).

Artificial Intelligence at the Edge Patricia Torres at Omron Industrial Automation Europe (April 2019).

A Watertight Case John Smiddy at AESSEAL (April 2019).

Interoperability and Verification By Brian Daleiden at TraceLink (October 2018).

Beyond Deployment By David Staunton at Zenith Technologies (July 2018).

Use When Needed Dexter Tjoa at Tjoapack (April 2018).

A Pharmaceutical Breakthrough By Dean Chespy at Rockwell Automation (April 2018).

On a Personal Level By Jonathan Wilkins at EU Automation (April 2018).

Hub of Innovation By Eva Weber at ABBYY (April 2018).

New and Improved Tech By Jim McMahon at Zebra Communications (December 2017).

The Right Climate Ursula Hahn at Sanner (October 2017).

Clever Controls Adam Tetz at Pelican BioThermal (October 2017).

Addressing Nonadherence Allan Wilson at IMC (October 2017).

Optimising Adoption Dr Alex Cole at Centre for Process Innovation (October 2017).

The Rise of Robots Jonathan Wilkins, EU Automation (April 2017).

Assaying Change Rob Harkness, Peak Analysis and Automation (April 2017).

On the Fast Track Dr Giles Sanders, TTP plc (April 2017).

Paradigm Shift Dilip M Parikh, STEERLife (April 2017).

Value Through Visualisation Lee Sullivan, COPA-DATA UK (April 2017).

Robot Remedy Mike Wilson, ABB Robotics (April 2017).

Joining Forces Andy Bailey, Stratus Technologies (December 2016).

Close the Gap Dean Chespy, Rockwell Automation (December 2016).

Getting it Right Rob Blanchard, I Holland (October 2016).

Printing in Progress Emil Ciurczak, Doramaxx Consulting (October 2016).

Hand in Hand Dr Myke Scoggins, Micromeritics (July 2016).

Making the Switch Christian Fortunel, LZ Lifescience (July 2016).

Dawn of the Smart Era Martyn Williams, COPA-DATA (April 2016).

Bridging the Gaps Dean Chespy, Rockwell Automation (April 2016).

Switched On Mike Wilson, ABB Robotics (April 2016).

Frozen Future Gregory Sacha, Baxter Healthcare (December 2015).

Safety First Thomas Hartung (September 2015).

Go With The Flow Brady Carter (September 2015).

Critical Mass Peter Traynor, Thermo Fisher Scientific (June 2015).

Data Trail Jonathan Wilkins, European Automation (March 2015).

Success in Motion Roy Rigby, Porvair Filtration Group (March 2015).

Keep it Clean Jenni Tranter, Synergy Health (March 2015).

Fast Forward Joachim Baczewski, Bosch Packaging Technology (December 2014).

Outside the Box Pär Almhem, ModWave and Jan Lilja and Karl Järvi, KeyPlants (December 2014).

Production Progress David Estapé, M+W Group (December 2014).

Testing for Tableting Jamie Clayton, Freeman Technology (September 2014).

Sensitive Topic Dr Nicolas Brandes, West Pharmaceutical Services (September 2014).

Taking Shape Dale Natoli and Bill Turner, Natoli Engineering Company (September 2014).

Reaching Out Gelston Howell, Sanmina Corporation (June 2014).

Playing It Safe Dr Cynthia Wooge, SAFC (June 2014).

Go with the Flow Juan Colberg, Stefan Koenig, David Leahy and Peter Poechlauer (September 2013).

Going Green Karen Adams, DS Smith Plastics Cool Logistics (September 2013).

Quality Trends Tibor Hlobik, West Pharmaceutical Services (September 2013).

In Touch With Your Costs Holger Herrmann, Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron (September 2013).

Total Power Philip Tugwell, MCP Consulting and Training (June 2013).

The Next Generation Thomas Rohrer, Lonza (June 2013).

Explosive Matter Chris Broadbent, DEC UK (June 2013).

Active Ingredients Kavita Somaroo, DS Smith Plastics Cool Logistics (March 2013).

Shaking Things Up Rob O’Connell, Russell Finex (March 2013).

Coming Clean Anne-Grit Klees, heipha Dr. Müller and Tony Ancrum, Merck (March 2013).

Technology Choices for Cool Chain Packaging Nathan Barnard, Biocair International (December 2012).

The Green Chemistry Approach to Pharma Manufacturing Michael Kopach, Eli Lilly & Co, David Leahy, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Julie Manley, the ACS Green Chemistry Institute (December 2012).

Controlled Environment Storage: The Case for Outsourcing Gets Stronger Patrick Jackson (September 2012).

CMO Technologies for Improving the Profile of Manufacturing Fritjof Linz (September 2012).

Production Planning and Scheduling: from Shop Floor to Top Floor Mike Straiton, Production Modelling Limited (June 2012).

A Co-Design Approach to Synthetic Route Selection Eric Cordi, Pfizer Chemical Research & Development, and Russell Schofield, Aspen Technology, Inc (March 2012).

Manufacturing Benefits of Hyperspectral and Raman Imaging Techniques David Bannon at Headwall Photonics (December 2011).

Welding Systems for Pharma Manufacturing Operations Cliff Warren at ESAB Group (UK) Ltd (December 2011).

Optimising Centrifugal Process Pump Performance and Efficiency Jeremy Salisbury at Brammer UK (December 2011).

Federalising the Pharma Industry Denis Senpere (September 2011).

Prefilled Syringe Technology: Glass versus Plastic Tibor Hlobik and Diane Paskiet (September 2011).

Process Modernisation for Licensed Biopharmaceuticals Nigel Allison (September 2011).

A New Era for Plant-Based Medicines Frédéric Bourgaud (September 2011).

PAT: The Plant Designer’s Viewpoint Bill Treddenick and Marcin Krawiec at Lorien Engineering Solutions (June 2011).

Jesús Zurdo, Rebecca Michael and Yvette Stallwood at Lonza Biologics, and Karin Hedman and Teodor Aastrup at Attana AB of Biopharmaceuticals Jesús Zurdo, Rebecca Michael and Yvette Stallwood at Lonza Biologics, and Karin Hedman and Teodor Aastrup at Attana AB (June 2011).

Temperature-Controlled Packaging Systems: Active or Passive? Alex Roskoss at Intelsius (June 2011).

MES: En Route to Paperless Manufacturing René Schwarz at Rockwell Automation (March 2011).

Risk-MaPP: Managing the Risk of Cross Contamination Stephanie Wilkins, PharmaConsult US (December 2010).

Time Matters: The Quick Response Approach to Pharma Manufacturing Ananth Krishnamurthy at the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Gerald Finken at CSM, Inc (December 2010).

CIP Technology: Challenges and Trends Torben M Andersen and Ole Toftegaard Madsen at MORK Process Inc (September 2010).

Robotics and Isolator-Barrier Systems: The Perfect Combination for Advanced Aseptic Processing Joshua Russell, Automated Systems of Tacoma (AST) (September 2010).

Emerging Technologies for Dissolved Ozone Monitoring Michael Strahand, Analytical Technology (September 2010).

Where Science Meets Industry Messe Munchen GmbH (June 2010).

CDMO Industry Update:the Worst of Times... or the Best? Douglas W Mendenhall and Mark J Kontny at Patheon (June 2010).

Lean Manufacturing in a High Containment Environment By Georg Bernhard at Pfizer Global Manufacturing (March 2010).

Challenges in the Manufacture of Antibody Drug Conjugates By Thomas Roher at Lonza Custom Manufacturing, Chemical Manufacturing (March 2010).

Simulation Tools in the Optimisation of Biopharm Manufacturing Processes By Rick Johnston at Bioproduction Group (Bio-G) and Professor Lee Schruben at the University of California at Berkley (March 2010).

Seizing the Opportunities Offered by Excellence By Thomas Friedli and Matthias Goetzfried at the University of St Gallen, and Juergen Werani at Schuh & Co Komplexitatsmanagement AG (March 2010).

Solutions for Driving Process Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacture Andrea Tabor and Catherine Jablonsky at AspenTech (December 2009).

Enterprise Resource Planning: How to Implement a Robust Application By Ramesh J Chougule at Infosys Technologies Limited and Murali Krishnan Sundararajan at Infosys Consulting (September 2009).

Flexibility: a Critical Factor in Today's Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry By Fillippo Focacci and David Simchi-Levi at ILOG (September 2009).

The Design of Safe Chemical Processes By Dr Jasbir Singh at HEL Ltd (July 2009).

Towards a Greener Manufacturing Environment By C Stewart Slater and Mariano J Savelski at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Rowan University, US (July 2009).


Energy-Efficient Management of Pharma Waste By Jose Capote and Daniel Ripes at PEAT International (March 2009).

Engineering Social Responsibility and Reliability By Marty Brown at Pfizer Global Engineering and Michael Becker at Pfizer Global Manufacturing (March 2009).

Change Control at the Global Level By Craig Wylie at PA Consulting Group (March 2009).

Cleanroom Clothing: Factors to Consider John Anderson at Origin Outsourcing (January 2009).

MIP-Based Processing Ecevit Yilmaz, Ola Karlsson and Anthony Rees at MIP Technologies AB (January 2009).

Novel Reactor and Process Technologies: Thinking Outside the Box Yulong Ding at the Institute of Particle, Science and Engineering, University of Leeds (January 2009).

Geometric Process Control Robin Brookes, John Wilson and Na Zhao at Curvaceous Software Limited (October 2008).

Process Definition Management Paul Wlodarczyk at JustSystems (October 2008).

Gas Analysis - the Hydrogen Way Lieve de Paepe at Air Products (October 2008).

ITMS: Applications in At-Line Cleaning Validation and Verification Derek Brand, Mei Guo, Ralf Wottrich and Tim Wortley at GE Sensing (May 2008).

CIP: Current Challenges and Future Developments Nick Jeffery and Elliott Sutton at Suncombe Ltd (May 2008).

Environmentally-Friendly Synthesis of Profens Daria Giacomini and Paola Galletti at the University of Bologna and Francesca Paradisi at University Coolege Dublin (May 2008).

Crashing the Schedule in DCS Validation Projects Mark Cupryk, Doina Morusca and Dean Takahata (January 2008).

The Fallacy of People Problems - and How to Resolve Them Jamie Weiss (January 2008).

The Pharmaceutical Business Cases for MES Brian Holliday (January 2008).

A PAT Solution for Water Testing Dr. Maribeth Donovan Janke at Lonza Walkersville, Inc (November 2007).

Bridging the Manufacturing Digital Divide Jim Ricigliano at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and Matthew Beuer at Roxwell Automation (November 2007).

A Guide to Choosing a Vacuum Conveying System Brian Wilson at PIAB (November 2007).

Process Quality Redifined Klaus Zimmermann at Siemens AG (November 2007).

Flexible Manufacturing in the Fight Against Generic Erosion Bengt Stom at ABB Robotics, consumer Industries Division (November 2007).

'Smart' Freeze-Drying Debra Sesholtz and Leslie Mather at SP Industries (November 2007).

Closed Vial Technology Benoit Verjans at Aseptic Technologies (November 2007).

Flexible Pharma Containment Solutions Martin Koch and Joachim Stoye at GEA Niro GmbH, and Dr Harold Stahl at Niro Pharma Systems (November 2007).

Challenges in the Supply of High-Purity Water David Dolphin at Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (November 2007).

Humidity Control in Pharma Processing Simon Mills at HB Group (May 2007).

Functionalised Silicas: Addressing the Industrial and Environmental Chanllenges of API Synthesis John Wilsn and Robin Wilkes at PhosphonicS Ltd (May 2007).

BLow-Fill-Seal for Ophthalmic Packaging Urs Lichtenstein at rommelag ag (April 2007).

Water Vapour Everywhere Juhana Hakkanen at Vaisala (April 2007).

Waking Up to Waste Lee Petts at Remsol Limited (April 2007).

ITMS - Reducing Downtime in Cleaning Validation and Verification Derek Brand, Xue-Song Li an Tim Worthey at GE Sensing (April 2007).

A Visionary View of Pharma Robotics Nigel Smith at TM Robotics (Europe) Ltd (April 2007).

Epoxide Hydrolases: Process Aplications Adriana Botes, Robin Mitra and Daniel Pienaar at Oxyrane UK Limited (April 2007).

An RFID Tag Data Security Infrastructure Joseph Pearson, Texas Instruments (January 2007).

How to Specify Equipment for High-Purity Processes Donald T. Weeks and Thomas M. Bennett, Flowserve Corporation (January 2007).

Improving Pharma Manufacturing with On-Line Particle Size Analysis Alon Vaisman and David Pugh, Malvern Instruments (January 2007).

The Process of Process Understanding Aled Finniear, HFL Park Place (January 2007).

Filter Housing Heaters: Electrical Versus Steam Paul Trunzo, MKS Instruments (January 2007).

Epoxide Hydrolases: a Biocatalytic Technology Platform for the Production of Chiral Pharmaceutical Intermediates Adriana L. Botes and Robin K. Mitra, Oxyrane UK Limited (January 2007).

High-Resolution Ultrasonic Spectroscopy: A New Tool for PAT Installation Evgeny Kudryashov and Breda O'Driscoll at Ultrasonic Scientific (January 2007).

Lyophilisation: The Current State of the Art Gerald Adams on behalf of Severn Science Systems (January 2007).

Decoupling the Packaging Process Ralph Blum, MediSeal GmbH (September 2006).

Continuous Oscillatory Baffled Reactor Technology Professor Xiong-Wei Ni, NiTech Solutions Ltd (September 2006).

The Virtual Design of Pharma Processes John Favier, DEM Solutions (September 2006).

Enterprise LIMS: The Benefits of State-of-the-Art Internationalisation Robert Lauritzen, NNIT and Ron Kasner, LabVantage Solutions (September 2006).

RFID: Dogma and Spin versus Reality Ken Reich, Tagsys (September 2006).

Solvents by Design Neil Sullivan, Bioniqs Ltd (September 2006).

Lean Principles of Performance Improvement Simon Wood, Starlims Corporation (September 2006).

An RFID Solution to Drug Counterfeiting Olaf Sprich, Siemens Switzerland (April 2006).

Process Piping: Polymers Versus Stainless Steel Gary Dennis, Arkema (April 2006).

No Room for Trial and Error Martin Peter, Envirotainer (April 2006).

Ensuring the Integrity of Medicines Supply Julian Mount, Pfizer (April 2006).

Water Supply and Re-use Anthony Wachinski and Jerold Martin, Pall Corporation (April 2006).

Front-End Engineering – A New Design Approach for Biopharmaceutical Facilities By Dr Karin Bronnenmeier and Marc Reifferscheid (February 2006).

Sustainable Process Analytical Technologies By Adrian Howson at PA Consulting Group (February 2006).

A Flexible Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Strategy By Geoffrey Hodge at Xcellerex, Inc (February 2006).

Why Use a LIMS? By Mike Hatton at LabWare Ltd (February 2006).

RFID: Countering the Counterfeiters By Ken Reich at TAGSYS (February 2006).

Safety Concerns in Chemical Processing By Dr Andy Starkie at Chilworth Technology Ltd (February 2006).

Microwave-Enhanced Palladium-Catalysed Reactions Ian R Baxendale at the Department of Chemistry, (February 2006).

RABS: Definitions and Performance Levels James Drinkwater at Bioquell UK Ltd (September 2005).

Cryogenics: Leading the Way in Solvent Recovery Luc Rijnbeek at Air Products (September 2005).

NIR Chemical Imaging as a Process Analytical Tool E Neil Lewis, Linda H Kidder and Eunah Lee at Spectral Dimensions, Inc (September 2005).

Flexible Manufacturing Methodologies Phil Lever at Bespak (September 2005).

Pharma Manufacturing in the 21st Century: A Change in Thinking Ingrid Maes at Siemens (September 2005).

TMC Technology: Lowering the Barriers Dr Adriano Indolese and Dr Christoph Bucher at Novasep Synthesis (September 2005).

Liquid/Liquid Centrifugal Processing Steve Drewery at CINC UK Ltd (September 2005).

Dutch Resolution in Theory and Practice José Nieuwenhuijzen, Ton R Vries, Jan Dalmolen and Richard M Kellogg at Syncom BV, and Bernard Kaptein and Quirinus B Broxterman at DSM Pharma Chemicals (September 2005).

Process Intensification: Three Case Studies Stuart Cook at Protensive (September 2005).

Utilising a ‘C&E Matrix’ to Prioritise PAT Deployments J Scott Tarpley at Light Pharma Inc (May 2005).

ACTIVE Principles of Lean Thinking and how they are Applied in the Pharmaceutical Sector David Elliott and David Mairs at PROjEN (May 2005).

New Trends and Business Drivers in Science-Based Technology Design John Nichols at Foster Wheeler (May 2005).

Aseptic Process Transfer – The RGP Solution James Drinkwater at BIOQUELL UK Ltd (May 2005).

An Integrated Approach to Project Implementation Hans A. Sundin and Ulf Danielsson at Pharmadule Emtunga AB (May 2005).

Basic Principles of Green Chemistry Professor James H. Clark and Dr Paul Smith, Clean Technology Centre, Department of Chemistry, University of York (May 2005).

Microreactors – A New Technology for Pharma Chemistry Richard Gray at Syrris Ltd (May 2005).

Sophisticated Recipe Automation: A Case Study Jean-Jacques Lieners and Karel Sedlácek at Siemens (May 2005).

Continuous Chemical Processing Dr Lee Proctor at Phoenix Chemicals (May 2005).

Turnkey Packaging: A Case Study Matthias Poslovski, International Sales Director at Kugler (February 2005).

Microreactor Technology: Applications in Pharma/Chemical Processing Dr Volker Hessel and Dr Holger Lowe, Institut fur Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbH (February 2005).

The Constant Flux Reactor Robert Ashe (February 2005).

Standards for the Pharmaceutical Application of PAT Pat A Picariello, Director, Development Operations at ASTM International (February 2005).

Dynamic Extraction Technology Professor Ian A.Sutherland and Professor Derek Fisher, Brunel Institute for Bioengineering, Brunel University (February 2005).

Principles for Improving Manufacturing Performance Paul Dennis, Senior Consultant at ABB, and Tom Kni (February 2005).

Better Pharmaceutical Chemistries with Microwave Synthesis J Doug Ferguson, Life Sciences Business Unit at CEM Corporation (February 2005).

PFC Outsourcing from China and India - Myth or Reality? Dr Enrico T Polastro and Sonia Tulcinsky, Arthur D.Little Benelux (February 2005).

Re-inventing the Steam-in-Place Process Carolyn Franceschi, Colder Products Company (June 2004).

Novel biocatalyst technology for the preparation of chiral amines Nicholas Turner, Ian Fotheringham and Robert Speight, Ingenza Ltd (June 2004).

A novel method for the synthesis of peptides in solution Ivo Eggen and Paul Ten Kortenaar, Diosynth BV (June 2004).

New Catalysts for cleaner organic synthesis Ivan K Kozhevnikov, Leverhulme Centre for Innovati (September 2003).

USP <645>: in-line measurement of water conductivity Mike Modha, ABB Limited (September 2003).

LIMS owned by the lab John Dickson, Thermo Electron Corporation, Peter Sheppard, CP Pharmaceuticals (September 2003).

API Containment - an integrated approach ILC Dover Inc (January 2003).

Pharmaceutical applications of Jacobsen HKR techno Dr Marcello DiMare, Rhodia ChiRex (June 2002).

Selective oxidation of alcohols to carbonyls Ken Griffin, Johnson Matthey, Chemicals and Cataly (June 2002).

Process intensification - think small Rocky Costello, R.C. Costello & Associates, Inc (June 2002).

Diastereomeric crystallisation - the Dr Niteen A Vaidya, Ychem International (December 2001).

Supercritical fluid applications in the pharmaceut Dr Michel Perrut, Lavipharm Laboratories (USA) and (December 2001).

Recent developments in chiral technology Dr John Blacker, Avecia Process Technology (December 2001).

Microreaction technology Dr Axel Kleeman, CPC - Cellular Process Chemistry (December 2001).

Re-engineering the design process for the pharma i David Cockshoot, Kvaerner (December 2001).

Palladium catalysis in the production of pharmaceuticals Johannes G Vries and André HM de Vries, DSM Fine Chemicals, Charles E Tucker and Joseph A Miller, DSM Catalytica Pharmaceuticals (June 2001).

Nitration reactions in the manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates Dr David Firth, exchem organics (January 2001).

The safe handling of hazardous reactions Dr Thomas Archibald, NextPharma Technologies (January 2001).

Isolator applications in aseptic processing Gordon Farquharson, Bovis Lend Lease Pharmaceutical (January 2001).

A new cleanroom solution Chris Hale, MSS Clean Technology (June 2000).

The role of sterile alcohol in critical contaminat Adams Healthcare (June 2000).

Current regulatory requirements for APIs Dr Chris Oldenhof, DSM/Gist-brocades (January 2000).

Fluorinated pharmaceuticals Dr Basil Wakefield, Ultrafine (January 2000).

Nitroalkane chemistry David Green and Thomas Johnson, Angus Chemical Com (January 2000).

The automation of solids handling Dave Drew, Matcon Group Ltd (January 2000).

Manufacturing in the 21st Century Professor Dr W Lhoest (January 2000).

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