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West Pharmaceutical Services Every day, injectable drugs are administered to improve the lives of millions of patients around the world. And every day, West is working by your side to design and manufacture drug packaging and delivery systems that will bring our customers’ drugs from concept to the patient more efficiently, reliably and safely. West understands our customers’ challenges and helps with solutions every step of the way, with cutting-edge production technologies, an unmatched expertise in global regulatory compliance, and an ever-growing knowledge base of pharmaceutical drug product testing, development, packaging and delivery. Whether focused on one piece of the process or an end-to-end solution, West is by your side for a healthier world.

Hielscher Ultrasonics Ultrasound is an innovative technology that is used successfully for sonochemical synthesis, deagglomeration, dispersion, emulsifying, functionalization and activation of particles. Particularly in nanotechnology, the ultrasonication is an essential technique for the synthesis and processing purposes of nano-size materials. Since nanotechnology has gained this outstanding scientific interest, nano-sized particles are utilized in extraordinarily many scientific and industrial fields. Also the pharma branch has discovered the high potential of this flexible and variable material. Consequently, nanoparticles are involved into various functional applications in the pharmaceutical industry

Dividella AG Implementing customer-orientated top-loading concepts for the pharmaceutical industry has been the speciality of Dividella for many decades. The top priority is always to find the optimal cardboard-based packaging solutions. In a second stage, the appropriate machine is chosen, depending on production volume and batch sizes. The close relationship – since 2002 under the umbrella of Körber Medipak – and decades of experience in the packaging and machine development sectors mean that Dividella is a reliable partner for the pharmaceutical industry. The packaging systems are carefully designed down to the last detail and have proved themselves in practice over more than 30 years.

Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. (Advanced Analytical), has developed a rapid microbiology platform to replace the traditional method of growing microbial organisms on agar plates. The traditional method is very time-consuming, less precise, and can take days to get results.

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