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Delivery Systems


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Ensuring Efficacy While on the Road Adam Tetz at Peli BioThermal (June 2020).

Adhesive Labels: All-Rounders for High Standards Kerstin Löffler at Faller Packaging (June 2020).

Imagining the Future Dr John Doyle at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi (July 2019).

Inhalation Advancements By Chrissy Bell at 3M (October 2018).

Particle Pressures By Diane Paskiet at West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (July 2018).

Innovations in Insulin By Dr James H Anderson Jr at Generex (July 2018).

A Smart Approach By Tom Lawrie-Fussey at Cambridge Design Partnership (July 2018).

Through the Skin By Petra Botzem and Dr Thomas Hille at LTS Lohmann (July 2018).

Advancing Adherence By Simon Hall at PA Consulting Group (December 2017).

Express Delivery Beata Vladovicova at Saneca Pharma, Torkel Gren at Recipharm Pharmaceutical Development and Bernard Pluta at Recipharm, Pessac, France (October 2017).

Breaking Through Professor David M Haddleton and Dr Vasiliki Nikolaou at Medherant (October 2017).

A Helping Hand Sarah Smith, Medi-Redi (December 2016).

Smart Enough Yet? Phil Seeney, PA Consulting Group (December 2016).

Beyond Compliance Dr Nick Collier, Sagentia (October 2016).

Refine the Design Peter Ballard, Foolproof (July 2016).

Breathe Out Ramy Mahmoud, OptiNose (December 2015).

Injecting Potential Michael Hooven (September 2015).

Skin Deep Kirsty Gapp (September 2015).

Thinking Ahead Graham Reynolds (September 2015).

Centre Stage Clive Nicholls, Owen Mumford (March 2015).

A Breath of Fresh Air Iain McDerment, The Technology Partnership (March 2015).

If Needs Be Mark Tunkel, Insight Product Development (March 2015).

Delivering Tomorrow's Medicines Dr Rob Steendam, InnoCore Pharmaceuticals (December 2014).

Super Powers Tim Muller, Crossject (December 2014).

Pointing the Way Lisa Dick, 3M Drug Delivery Systems (September 2014).

Within Sight Dr Paul Ashton, pSivida (June 2014).

Keep it Covered Keith Edwards, Biocoat Inc (June 2014).

Winning Combination Hans Ole Klingenberg, Novozymes Biopharma (March 2014).

Technological Inspiration David Harris, Team Consulting (March 2014).

Reveal All Jeff Shimizu, Medimetrics (December 2013).

Right on Time Alex Mullen and Fiona MacDougall, Drug Delivery International (December 2013).

Reality TV Mark Jennings, Dawson Shanahan (September 2013).

More Than Just a Dose Counter Adam Stuart, 3M Drug Delivery Systems (September 2013).

A Novel Approach Ranjith Gopinathan, Frost & Sullivan (June 2013).

Breathe Easy: The Future of Inhalation Phil Seeney, PA Consulting Group (March 2013).

Hitting the Target Claire Thompson (September 2012).

Mathematical Modelling for Faster Auto-Injector Design Jonathan Wilkins and Iain Simpson (September 2012).

A Trend Towards Customised Devices Ian Thompson (September 2012).

Prefilled Syringes: A Study of Protein Sensitivity to Tungsten Vinod Vilivalam & Lloyd Waxman, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc (March 2012).

An Innovative Approach to the Formulation of Biobetters Jean Chatellier, Flamel Technologies (March 2012).

Nebuliser Formulation: Optimising the Drug Development Process Mark Hammond and David Ward (September 2011).

RNA Nantechnology: New Hope Henry QX Li at Kylin Therapeutics, Inc (March 2011).

Enhanced Blood to Brain Drug Delivery Willem van Weperen and Pieter Gaillard (December 2010).

Supercritical CO2: A Fizzy Solution for Drug Formulation Clare Upton, Andy Lewis and Lisbeth Illum (December 2010).

DPI Technologies: Time for a Rethink? By Rob Clayborough and Iain Simpson at Sagentia (June 2010).

New Direcetions in the Development of Pre-Filled Syringes By Bob Sharp and Paul Whyte at Future Injection Technologies (FIT) Ltd (March 2010).

Nano-Enabled Drugs: Once Bitten, Twice Shy? By Jon Howells and Carys Lloyd at PA Consulting Group (December 2009).

Transforming Bioactive Proteins into Therapeutic Products By Anthony Godwin at PolyTherics Ltd (September 2009).

Intelligent Inhalation Technology By Gerhard Scheuch and Axel Fischer at Activaero GmbH (July 2009).

Erythrocytes as a Drug Delivery System By Yann Godfrin at ERYtech Pharma (March 2009).

Injectables Packaging: Past, Present and Future Fran DeGrazio at West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc (January 2009).

RF-Microchannel-Based Transdermal Delivery Galit Levin and Judith Kornfeld at Transpharma Medical (January 2009).

New Technology Combo Drives Once-Daily Drug Formulation Dr Karen Jones at Pharmaceutical Profiles Ltd (October 2008).

Inhaled Medicines: Product Differentiation by Device Lisette Oversteegen at Datamonitor (October 2008).

Hitting The Target in Tumour Therapy Dr Jonathan Kersey and Dr Joke Lievens at Diatos SA (May 2008).

Nanoparticle Drug Delivery Systems Bob Irving (January 2008).

Pollen: A Novel Encapsulation Vehicle for Drug Delivery Alberto Diego-Taboada, Sylvain Barrier, Matthew Thomasson, Stephen Atkin and Grahame Mackenzie (January 2008).

A Microemulsion-Based System for the Dermal Delivery of Therapeutics Amnon C. Sintov and Haim V. Levy at NanoDrma Ltd (November 2007).

Gene Delivery Across the Blood Brain Barrier Kerstin Ringe at NanoDel Technologies GmbH (November 2007).

Auto-Injectors: Technology Advances and Market Trends Tim Barrow-Williams and Rosie Burnell at PA Consulting Group (November 2007).

When Shove Comes to Push for Needle-Free Injection Simon Bennett and Charles Potter at Glide Pharma (May 2007).

Sonocrystallisation to the Rescue Graham Ruecroft at Prosonix Ltd (April 2007).

Every Breath You Take..... Graham Purkins at 3M Drug Delivery Systems (April 2007).

Delivery to Match Patient Needs Dr. Achim Schaffler at Nitec Pharma (April 2007).

From Virtual Molecules to Formulated Medicines Jamshed Anwar at the Computational Laboratory, Institute of Pharmaceutical Innovation, University of Bradford (April 2007).

Helping the Medicine Go Down Jeffrey H. Worthington at Senopsys LLC (April 2007).

Atomic Force Microscopy in the Characterisation of Drug Nanoparticles Natasha Starostina and Paul West, Pacific Nanotechnology, Inc (January 2007).

Self-injection Technology and Trends Ian Thompson, Ypsomed (September 2006).

A Biochemical Approach to Taste-Blocking Dr F. Raymond Salemme, Linguagen Corp (April 2006).

The Dynamic Controlled Release of Drugs By Roy Carter at Estruso Ltd, and Mike Newton, Ana Caminho (February 2006).

Cellular Therapies: Problems and Possibilities By Dr Daniel D Palmer at Q Chip Life Science (February 2006).

Novel Particle Technologies: Applications in Drug Delivery By Dr Boris Shekunov and Dr Pratibhash Chattopadhyay (February 2006).

The Buccal Delivery of Insulin Gerald Bernstein at Generex Biotechnology Corporation (September 2005).

The Convergence of Drug Delivery and Clinical Diagnostics Dr Richard Day at Cambridge Consultants Ltd (September 2005).

Pep:Trans Peptide Vectors – A New Approach to Brain Delivery Jamal Temsamani and Michel Kaczorek at Synt:em (May 2005).

Iontophoretic-Based Drug Delivery Dennis Goldberg at Transport Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (May 2005).

Yeast Cells: A Novel Vehicle for Drug Delivery Dr Gordon Nelson and Dr Craig Duckham, Micap plc (February 2005).

Needle-Free Drug Delivery Technology Dr Roger G Harrison (February 2005).

Nanostructured Silicon - Applications in Drug Delivery Gavin Rezos, pSivida Limited (February 2005).

Masking the taste of fast-disintegrating tablets Rohm GmbH & Co KG (June 2004).

Bi-directional nasal drug delivery Per G Djupesland and Rod Hafner, OptiNose AS (June 2004).

Advances in the delivery of large-size drug molecules Dr Naushad M Khan Ghilzai, Chicago College of Pharmacy, Midwestern University (June 2004).

Burst Strength of Silicone Tubing Regina M. Malczewski, William D. Inman, Jr., Brent (February 2004).

Drug Delivery: an evolving concept Chris Searcy, Nektar Therapeutics (September 2003).

CFD in the design of drug delivery systems Atul Karanjkar, Fluent Europe Ltd (September 2003).

Extended release drug delivery technology Peter Fyhr and Ken Downie, Amarin Development AB (September 2003).

Pulsed-release drug delivery Hans-Ulrich Petereit, Röhm GmbH & Co KG (June 2002).

Drug delivery via the nose Melissa Koch, West Pharmaceutical Services Inc (June 2002).

The oral delivery of protein and peptide drugs Dr Richard Soltero and Dr Nnochiri Ekwuribe, Nobex (December 2001).

Pain-free, blunt-needle injection technology Peter Crocker, Dr Kevin Maynard and Mervyn Little, (December 2001).

Developments in nasal drug delivery Jeremy Southall and Cris Ellis, Bespak Europe Ltd (June 2000).

Advances in disposable needle-free injector techno Adam Levy, Weston Medicial Ltd (June 2000).

Transdermal therapeutic systems: a review Dr Stefan Bracht, LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme (June 2000).

Developments in inhalation technology Dr Ian J Smith, PA Consulting Group (January 2000).

The oral delivery of macromolecules: 75 years of need Lewis H Bender, Emisphere Technologies Inc (January 1998).

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