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Ingredients, Formulation and Finishing


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Formulating the Design of HDASD Systems Justin Yiwei Tian at Queen’s University Belfast and Robert Gurney at Linkam Scientific Instruments (October 2021).

A Fresh Outlook Tanja Budde and Lalit Sharma at Omya, and Dr Ibrahim Palabiyik and Esra Bölϋk at Namık Kemal University, Turkey (October 2019).

Old Drugs, New Therapies Dr Roberto Castangia, Biopharma Group (July 2016).

Steel Yourself Dale Natoli, Natoli Engineering Company (June 2015).

Cover Up Elizabeth Shen, Colorcon (March 2015).

Putting Patients First Dr Thomas Hein, Hermes Pharma (December 2014).

A Hard Act to Follow Rob Harris, Molecular Profiles (December 2014).

Frozen in Time Katriona Scoffin, Biopharma Technology Ltd (December 2014).

Into the Light Sophia Kenrick, Dierk Roessner and Thomas Jocks, Wyatt Technology (September 2014).

Power from the People Martin Riediker, Micro-Macinazione SA (September 2014).

Making the Grade Jan Vogeleer, Courtoy (June 2014).

Modern Designs Marshall Crew, Agere (December 2013).

Power to the Patients Detlev Haack and Martin Köberle, Hermes Pharma (December 2013).

Micro Management Fränk de Jong, EmulTech (September 2013).

Extruding Quality Dirk Leister, Thermo Fisher Scientific (June 2013).

FDA Initiatives Impact Lyophilisation Process Development and Optimisation Mark Shon, SP Scientific investigates (June 2013).

Tablet Testing: The Benefits of Automatic Evaluation Holger Herrmann, Pharmatron (March 2013).

An Instrumental Process: Tablet Compaction Michael Gamlen, Gamlen Tableting (March 2013).

Stable Micron- or Nano-Sized Suspensions Thomai Panagiotou, Microfluidics/IDEX (March 2013).

Let Them Beat Cake Graham Calvert, Simon Lawson and Matt Bilton, Escubed Ltd (March 2013).

Optimisation of Primary Freeze-Drying Cycle Times Mark Shon, SP Scientific (December 2012).

Foamed Hot Melt Extrusion for Solid Molecular Dispersions Tony Listro, Foster Delivery Science (December 2012).

Rapid Microbial Testing: Overcoming the Barriers to Adoption David Jones (September 2012).

Tablets Under Pressure Michael Gamlen and Dipankar Dey (September 2012).

Automated Tablet Testing Holger Herrmann, Pharmatron AG (June 2012).

Controlled Release Technologies: An Evolving Role in Drug Development Jeff Browne, Rao Tatapudy and Steve Hamlen at Catalent Pharma Solutions. (June 2012).

X-Ray Tomography: The Full Picture Tom Ray, RSSL (March 2012).

Trends in Particle Characterisation Tools Carl Levoguer, Malvern Instruments (March 2012).

‘Hands-On’ Lean Powder Processing Wim Spook, Matcon Ltd (March 2012).

Freeze Drying from Small Container Systems Margit Gieseler, Gilyos GmbH & Henning Gieseler, University of Erlangen (March 2012).

Mission-Critical Logistics for the Cold Chain – A Carrier’s Perspective Roger Samways (September 2011).

Clinical Trials in Emerging Countries: A Cool Solution Harriet King (September 2011).

Formulation Strategies for ‘First-Into-Man’ Studies Robert Harris (September 2011).

Induction Heating: Raising the Cost-Efficiency of Tablet Disintegration Testing Holger Herrmann (September 2011).

Lyophilisation Demystified: Part 3 John Barley (September 2011).

Isomalt: Applications in the Formulation of Powder Dosage Forms Bodo Fritzsching and Oliver Luhn (September 2011).

Powder Characterisation for Efficient Processing: Moving to a New Manufacturing Model Tim Freeman at Freeman Technology Limited (June 2011).

The Art of Tablet Compression Dale Natoli, Vice President of Natoli (June 2011).

Key Factors in Testing Tablet Hardness Holger Herrmann at Pharmatron AG (June 2011).

Lyophilisation Demystified: Part 2 John Barley at SP Scientific (June 2011).

Old Becomes New: Retrofits of Lyophiliser Control Systems Olaf Plaßmann, Markus Blatzheim and Maik Guttzeit at GEA Lyophil GmbH (March 2011).

Lyophilisation Demystified: Part 1 John Barley at SP Scientific (March 2011).

Continuous Tableting: From Powder to Tablet in 20 Minutes Kris Schoeters at GEA Pharma Systems - Colette NV (March 2011).

Monitored Dose Packaging: A Win-Win Situation Norman Niven, Protomed (December 2010).

Powder Testing for Better Formulation Tim Freeman, Freeman Technology Ltd (September 2010).

The Importance of Chromatographically Purified Excipients George J Rizzo and Karen H Chen at Croda Inc (September 2010).

Risk Mitigation Strategies for Pre-filled Syringe Systems Frances L DeGrazio, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc (September 2010).

Automated Testing: A Critical Component of High-Throughput Tablet Production Holger Herrmann at Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron AG (September 2010).

Why are Solid Forms Still Causing Headaches? By Noel Hamill at Almac (June 2010).

Under Pressure: a Proactive Approach to Spray Pump Development By Degenhard Marx at Aptar (March 2010).

Development of a Novel DPI: Opportunities and Constraints By Guillaume Brouet and Christophe Fagot at Valois Pharma (December 2009).

Silicones: Use and Functions in Drug Discovery By Alexander Kurnellas and Nathan Wolfe at NuSil Technology (September 2009).

Understanding the Physical Properties of Freeze-Dried Materials By Dr J Jeff Schwegman at AB Biotechnologies, on behalf of SP Industries (July 2009).

The Evolution of Freeze-Drying By Jos Corver at IMA Edwards (July 2009).

Ongoing Stability Testing: Requirements, Solutions and Potential Pitfalls By Sven Oliver Kruse at Diapharm Analytics GmbH (March 2009).

Shortening Timelines to Phase I Formulation By David Edwards at Capsugel (March 2009).

Continuous Tablet Coaters: Developments, Advantages and Limitations By Naveen K Thakral, Laborate Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd and Seema Thakral, PDM College of Pharmacy, Bahadurgarh (India) (March 2009).

Peptide Formulation: Challenges and Strategies By Robert W Payne and Mark Cornell Manning at Legacy BioDesign LLC (March 2009).

Customised Packaging for Special Applications Martin Grau at Romaco Pharmatechnik GmbH (January 2009).

Power-Mixing on a Microchip Michelle Cotterill at Imperial Innovations (January 2009).

Intelligent Sorbents for Optimised Packaging Protection Adrin Possumato at Multisorb Technologies (October 2008).

Accurate Biopharmaceutical Dispensing: Peristaltic or Piston Pumps? Fleming Jorgensen and Peter Lambert at Watson-Marlow Flexicon (October 2008).

Critical Factors in the Design and Optimisation of Lyophilisation Processes Lisa M Hardwick, Christine Paunicka and Michael J Akers at Baxter BioPharma Solutions (October 2008).

Advances in Prefilled Syringe Technology Andrea Wagner (May 2008).

Integrating Isolation Felix Nink at Robert Bosch GmbH Packaging Technology (May 2008).

The Impact of Coating Properties on Tablet Dissolution Maireadh Pedersen (January 2008).

European Excipient Regulation: Implications for Manufacturers and Suppliers Kevin McGlue at Colorcon and IPEC Europe (November 2007).

Micro-and Nanothermal Analysis of Pharmaceutical Materials Ljiljana Harding, Mike Reading and Duncan QM Craig, School of Chemical Sciences and Pharmacy, University of East Anglia, Kevin Kjoller at Anasys Instruments and Nico Gotzen, Doctoral Fellow of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (January 2007).

The PFI Concept C Krishna Prasad and KR Kumar, Granules India Limite (January 2007).

Smart Excipients Oliver Luhn and Bodo Fritzsching, Palatinit GmbH (September 2006).

Formulating Knowledge Ray Rowe and Elizabeth Colbourne, Intelligensys (September 2006).

A Lesson in the Benefits of Outsourcing Chris Prideaux, I Holland Limited (September 2006).

Time for a Changeover Jan Vogeleer, Courtoy nv (April 2006).

Choosing A New Tablet Press Michael Krupinsky, The Elizabeth Companies (April 2006).

Enhancing the Bioavailability of Insoluble Drug Compounds Stephen Perrett and Gopi Venkatesh, Eurand (April 2006).

A Brief History of the Blister Pack Bernd Webel, Romaco (April 2006).

Secondary Seals for Injectable Drug Vials Carol Mooney at West Pharmaceutical Services and Douglas Stockdale, Stockdale Associates, Inc (April 2006).

Excipient Selection: Some Factors to Consider Jinghua Yuan, Eastman Chemical Company (April 2006).

On-Demand Cool Pharma Packaging By Kevin Valentine at Cool Logistics UK Ltd (February 2006).

Towards the Computational Prediction of Polymorphism By Professor Sarah (Sally) Price at University College London (February 2006).

Tablet Design: A Critical Aspect of Product Development By Trevor Higgins at I Holland Limited (February 2006).

Tablet Design and Production: Some Practical Considerations Dale Natoli at Natoli Engineering (September 2005).

Pharmaceutical Analysis using Terahertz Spectroscopy Paul Smith at TeraView (May 2005).

Advances in Freeze Drying Technology Dr Paul Stewart, BOC Edwards Pharmaceutical Systems (February 2005).

Glass: applications in pharmaceutical packaging Jochen Alberstetter and Claudia Roth, Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co KG (June 2004).

Characterising polymeric excipients Christophe Séné and Anne Dupont, Dow Corning (September 2003).

Kollidon® SR: A polyvinyl acetate based excipient Dr. Bernhard Fussnegger, BASF Aktiengesellschaft, (June 2003).

Advances in powderdosing technology Simon Bryant, Imogen Gill, David Edwards and Dr Ia (June 2002).

Predicting the flowability of powders Reg Freeman, Freeman Technology (January 2001).

The end of gelatine? Graham Hind, BioProgress Technology Ltd (January 2001).

Dispersible powders for inhalation applications Dr Jeffry Weers, Inhale Therapeutic Systems (January 2001).

An automated one-step process for dosage formulati Suggy Chrai and Ramaswamy Murari, Delsys Pharmaceu (January 2000).

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