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Determining the Physical Robustness in Post-Lyo Cakes Dr Kevin R Ward, Joshua Robinson, and Thomas B Codd at Biopharma Group (April 2021).

Chromatography Celebration PREP Conference, (December 2017).

Vital Measurement Andrew J Holman at Inmedix (July 2017).

The Big Freeze Rolf Ehrhardt and Maria Thompson (September 2015).

Back to Base Daniel Ripes, PEAT International (December 2014).

Pure Potential Hendrik Adams, Frank Detmers and Pim Hermans, Thermo Fisher Scientific (June 2014).

Continuous Progress Nicolas-Julian Hilbold and Fabien Rousset, Novasep (March 2014).

Aim High Aleksandra Schenning, GE Healthcare Life Sciences (March 2014).

Demand More Philippe Chemla, Metabolon (December 2013).

Real-Life CHO Cultivation in Single Use Bags Stephan C Kaiser, Franziska Fietz, Nina Steiger & Dieter Eibl, Zurich University. (June 2013).

Characterisation Using Mass Spectrometry Davinia Mills, Reading Scientific Services Ltd (March 2013).

Stem Cell Production: Overcoming the Technical and Commercial Challenges Dave Thomas, TAP Biosystems (December 2012).

Moving Towards the Cost- Efficient Ex Vivo Production of Blood Andy Wylde and Adrian Stacey, TAP Biosystems (June 2012).

Near Infrared Spectroscopy Payal Roychoudhury and Ann Lövgren at AstraZeneca (March 2011).

EBA Technology Mark Doeven and Piet den Boer at DSM Biologics (March 2011).

Bioprocess Simulation: Taking the Error out of Trial-and-Error Ian Gosling, ChemSim LLC (December 2010).

Protein Expression Systems: Ringing in the New Felipe Monteclaro, Percivia LLC (December 2010).

Increased Productivity for Downstream Processing of Biotherapeutics Regina Römling and Egbert Müller, Tosoh Bioscience (September 2010).

Optimising Transfection Performance Scott Hayes, Mirus Bio, LLC (September 2010).

Quality Considerations Shawn Shirzadi, American Peptide Company (September 2010).

Beyond the Bioreactor: Exploiting the Full Potential of Single-Use Technology Paul Chapman and Mani Krishnan at Millipore Corporation (June 2010).

Novel Glycosylation Technologies for the Development of Biosimilars and Biobetters By Hans Baumeister and Steffen Goletz at Glycotope (December 2009).

High-Throughput Downstream Development By Denise Wenzel, Thomas Rathjen and Joey Studts at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co KG (July 2009).

Transgenic Technology: a Validated Approach for Large-Scale Manufacturing By Yann Echelard, William Gavin, Ashley Lawton, Carol Ziomek and Harry Meade at GTC Biotherapeutics Inc (July 2009).

Single-Use Solutions for Scale-Up and Technology Transfer By Mark Selker and Barbara Paldus at Finesse (March 2009).

Achieving Manufacturing Process Excellence By Justin O Neway at Aegis Analytical Corporation (March 2009).

Genetic Immunization in the Development of mAb Therapeutics Ross Chambers and Damon Hostin at Strategic Diagnostics, Inc (January 2009).

Differential Scanning Calorimetry in the Optimisation of Antibody Manufacturing Verna Frasca at MicroCal (January 2009).

Operational Excellence - the Future of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Gunter Jagschies at GE Healthcare Life Sciences (October 2008).

Improving Clone Production for Increased Protein Yield from Mammalian Cell Lines Dr Steve Williams and Dr Rocky Cranenburgh at Cobra Biomanfacturing Plc (October 2008).

Baculovirus Protein Expression Technology Richard Hitchman at Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd and Linda King at Oxford Brookes University (October 2008).

Integrating and Streamlining Biopharm Purification Processes Andrew Clutterbuck at Eden Biodesign Ltd (October 2008).

The Large-Scale Production of Oligonucleotides Dr Huseyin Aygun at BioSpring (May 2008).

Paving the Way for More Efficient Process Development Bo Kara and Stephen Taylor (January 2008).

Human Polyclonal Antibodies from Transgenic Chickens Philip Leighton and Rob Etches (January 2008).

Novel Affinity Ligands for bioprocessing frank Detmers, Pim Hermans and Mark ten Haaft at BAC BV (November 2007).

mAb Manufacture: the challenges Facing Small Companies James Fenno at Goodwin Biotechnology, Inc (November 2007).

Materials of Construction for Single-Use Bio... William J. Hartzel at Arkema (April 2007).

Recombinant Human Albumin: Applications as a Biophamaceutical Excipient David Mead, Dermot Pearson and Maree Devine at Novozymes Delta Ltd (April 2007).

Capturing Large Biomolecules With Membrane Chromatography Ian Sellick, Pall Life Sciences (January 2007).

Single-Use Bioreactors: Making the Transition Kevin A Auton, Cellexus Biosystems plc (September 2006).

High-Speed Protein Purification Ian Sellick, Pall life Sciences (September 2006).

Sterile Spray Drying for Stable Liquid 21st Century Pharmaceuticals Dr Bruce Roser, Cambridge Biostability Ltd (April 2006).

Biotechnology Processing: The Challenge of Decontaminating Waste Water Helmut Sommer, Christ Pharma & Life Science AG (April 2006).

Heterologous Gene Expression – The Options Available Dr Oscar-Werner Reif and Reinhard Vogt, Sartorius AG (April 2006).

Innovations in Baculovirus Protein Expression Dr Kevin Richards and Dr Grant Cameron, NextGen Sciences (April 2006).

Single-Use Bioprocessing Robert Smith-McCollum at Stedim North America (February 2006).

High-Throughput Cell Culture: A Real-World Evaluation Stephen K Tingley at BioProcessors (February 2006).

The Glycosylation of Therapeutic Proteins Philippe Garnier and Niels-Christian Reichardt at Glycoform Ltd (February 2006).

The Media Fill Approach: An Update Phil Smith at Oxoid Ltd (September 2005).

High-Throughput Monoclonal Antibody Purification Oguz Ersoy at GE Healthcare (September 2005).

Laser Microdissection and Manipulation Dr Hermine Hitzler and Dr Yilmaz Niyaz at P.A.L.M. Microlaser Technologies AG (May 2005).

Plants as Factories – A Manufacturing Solution for the Biopharmaceutical Industry? Phil Webster at Frost & Sullivan (May 2005).

Directed Molecular Evolution - Applications in Biocatalysis Kevin G Taylor, Codexis, Inc (February 2005).

Revolutionising protein production in fungi Nicole Ballew, GlycoFi, Inc (June 2004).

A fast route from gene to protein Dr Burkhard Ziebolz, Roche Diagnostics (September 2003).

Biopharmaceutical production via moss bioreactors Dr Sabrina Wagner, greenovation (September 2003).

Exhaust gas monitoring of fermentation processes Anders Broe Bendtsen, Innova AirTech Instruments A (June 2000).

Human hybridoma technology for the production of m Professor Hans Coster and Dr David Monaghan, FuCel (June 2000).

The role of genomics in the development of new and Dr Roy Pettipher, Oxagen Ltd (June 2000).

Strategies for the optimisation of biocatalytical Dr Claude Chassin, Lonza Ltd (January 2000).

Transgenic technology in the production of therape Dr Patricia F Dimond, Genzyme Transgenics Corporat (January 2000).

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