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Enhancing Payment Workflows

Groundbreaking R&D innovation is yielding an increasing number of candidate treatments and clinical trials, many of which are targeting precise patient populations. The clinical research ecosystem is facing new pressures as a result, elevating the urgency for industry to take action aimed at better supporting investigative site success, making clinical trial participation more convenient for patients and ensuring the necessary financial visibility, predictability, and control needed for all stakeholders to make informed decisions.

While the actions required to adapt to these industry dynamics are not limited to any one functional domain, the need and opportunity for change is most evident in the business administration side of clinical research. In this domain, most activities are still performed using manual spreadsheet-based processes or bespoke tools that address only small components of a broader set of interconnected business processes.

Jim Murphy at Greenphire (October 2019)

Keywords: Payment workflows, Greenphire, R&D, Innovation, Digital technology, Clinical research, Samedan ltd

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