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Are Service Providers Overselling AI?

Deloitte predicts that by 2022, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries will have moved through three phases of evolution in relation to process automation: codifying and standardising processes, automating them, and ultimately deploying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to further accelerate pace and productivity (1). Specifically, it claims automated writing of clinical study reports will be happening as standard, using natural language processing and industrialising the conversion of structured study data into text narratives. Meanwhile, leading firms will have automated up to 95% of regulatory filing, saving up to a year in their launch cycles.

Claims like this are not uncommon. Predictions abound that AI/machine learning will play an active role in getting better products to market faster and cheaper while enabling complex diagnoses much earlier, as well as more personalised treatment programmes and generally improving patient outcomes.

Alan White at Arriello (October 2019)

Keywords: AI, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, biopharma, regulations, machine learning, Arriello

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