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BMG LabTech: ELISAone

This application note establishes ELISAONE (TGR BioSciences: as a robust and sensitive technology for the detection of biomarkers in biological samples. Its ease of implementation and substantially reduced preparation time, as compared to traditional ELISA assays, represents a substantial advance in ELISA technology. The POLARstar Omega microplate reader from BMG LABTECH provides an easy-to-use instrument that will measure this fl uorescence based assay quickly, accurately and robustly. The POLARstar Omega is a multidetection microplate reader for life science laboratories that offers the following detection modes: UV/Vis Absorbance, Fluorescence Polarization, Fluorescence Intensity, Time-resolved Fluorescence, AlphaScreenŽ and AlphaLISAŽ and High-Performance Luminescence (fl ash and glow). Top and bottom plate reading, well scanning, precise temperature control and multimode shaking capabilities enhance the flexibility of the reader.

BMG LabTech: ELISAone (May 2011)

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