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Manufacturing in the Biologics Era

Big Pharma has invested billions in the development of biologic drugs over the last five years, propelling this drug type forwards at a rapid pace (1). Indeed, by 2020, Deloitte predicts biologics will represent over a quarter of the entire pharmaceutical market (2). These are unsurprising forecasts, considering the huge potential biologic-based drugs offer patients: enabling targeted and effective treatment of chronic conditions, including diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and cancers, while minimising many of the side effects associated with small molecule drug alternatives.

Advancements that are having a hugely positive impact on human health have introduced new obstacles for biopharma organisations and trial sponsors to overcome. Shifts towards these larger and more complex molecule drugs, which, by nature, have relatively lower yields and are more expensive to develop, create pressure to systematically drive down costs without sacrificing operational efficiencies or causing negative patient impact.

Natalie Balanovsky at Almac Clinical Services (July 2019)

Keywords: Manufacturing Biologics Almac Clinical Services Just in Time Manufacturing

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