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Packing, Tracking, and Supply

As technology evolves, companies are seeking innovative ways to address the challenges they face, allowing them to provide clients with improved and more efficient service. Chief among those industries is the pharmaceutical sector, where imperfections in the areas of packaging, tracking, and supply management have long been issues.

These flaws, and how to solve them, were the focus of an informative and insightful presentation at the Global Cold Chain Alliance's conference in Brussels on 21 March 2019 (representing third-party, temperature-controlled logistics industries). During the programme, which was titled Innovative Temperature Monitoring Solution, Christopher Fuss, head of Internet of Things Accelerator at DHL, and Jeremy Laurens, co-founder and CEO of Blulog, discussed how the two companies have collaborated on an innovative solution that addresses and simplifies inefficiencies within the supply chain.

Keith Loria on behalf of Global Cold Chain Alliance (July 2019)

Keywords: Manufacturing Packaging Supply chain GCCA

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