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Innovations in Cell-Line Development

IPT: With increasingly sophisticated biologics coming to market, and an emphasis on speed, how is biopharma meeting the cell manufacturing demands of these products? Seahee Kim: Increasingly, cell-line development (CLD) is being outsourced to external CDMO partners to help accelerate products to patients. Methods and technical offerings in the biopharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing space have led to dramatic time reductions in CLD and further efficiencies in upstream and downstream processes. These advancements have helped to speed drug products to market.

In addition, continuous process improvement and years of experience with applied molecular and genetic science in this area have had a significant impact. Biomanufacturers are now able to develop more therapeutically valuable drugs faster than ever before, and manufacture them more efficiently as well.

Seahee Kim at Samsung Biologics (October 2021)

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