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A Fresh Outlook

Chewing gum is a confectionery product that is widely consumed by people of all ages for many reasons, from relaxation and indulgence to breath freshening and medical treatments such as dental health, appetite suppression, and smoking cessation. As a carrier of functional ingredients, chewing gum can also help with regulating stress and mood changes (1). Generally, a distinction is made between two main classifications of chewing gum: sugary and sugar-free.

Whichever type it may be, chewing gum is mainly composed of a gum base and water-soluble phases (aroma, glycerin, glucose syrup, high-intensity sweetener [HIS], and polyols). The gum base consists of synthetic polymers, softeners, resins, antioxidants, and texturisers. It forms an indispensable part of the chewing gum, providing tailored and specific chewing characteristics. The release of sweeteners and flavours and, therefore, the taste of a chewing gum can be impacted by the gum base. Talc, calcium carbonate (CaCO3), and dicalcium phosphate are used as texturisers and bulking agents (fillers) in the gum base (2). When acidic flavours are required in a chewing gum, talc is commonly used instead of CaCO3 because the latter can react with acidic components and produce carbon dioxide.

Tanja Budde and Lalit Sharma at Omya, and Dr Ibrahim Palabiyik and Esra Bölϋk at Namık Kemal University, Turkey (October 2019)

Keywords: Chewing gum, Talc, Calcium Carbonate, Omya, Formulation, Bulking agent, pH values, Colour properties, Analysis, Namık Kemal University

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